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Weird thing just happened - please help

  1. WOW..I go to my homepage, and the post I published yesterday morning, with 30 comments is suddenly gone. I look all over the place and finally find it in drafts. I republished it, but now it only shows 1 comment even though there were close to 30, and those 30 are still there.

    1) How can I get the correct number of comments restored at the top of the post?
    2) How and why did this happen? Could have someone hacked into my account??

    Thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Check in your Comments: both in Spam and in Moderation.

    Are you the only Admin of your blog? Are there any other editors, etc?

    The most common way people get into other people's blogs here is the blogger has used Post By Email and the email gets hacked. If I were you, I'd change my blog and my email passwords.

  3. How would I find that? I'm looking at the comments section and it just shows the comments and the post each comment belongs to. I am the only Admin on my blog, never gave anyone any editing or admin privileges.

    That said, how can i get the proper number of comments back under the title?

  4. I mean..'correct' number of

  5. Hello? Anyone? I'd like to get the correct number of comments under my title restored.

  6. Go to your Dashboard->Comments and look in Spam for those comments that were there yesterday. Unspam them. Then go to the comments held for moderation and Approve those you feel are legit.

  7. Thanks so much for your help. The correct amount of comments were suddenly restored, and all looks to be fine again :)

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