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    Something weird is happending with my next and previous button. More specifically, my first post.

    I just wrote my 11th post today, and my “Show at most” option is set to 10. The next button would not show up.

    Well, I did some testing myself and posted 3 bump entries. Still no next page.

    Then I began to play with the “Show at most option”. The next button showed up when it is set to 7, the next button showed up.

    As soon as I deleted the third bump entry, however, the button disappeared.

    Delete entries until there are 12 and set Show to 5, 2nd page shows up, but there is no 3rd page.

    Please tell how it could be fixed, please? Thank you.




    Oh, I could manually type in the URL for the 2nd page ie
    and it works. But there is still no next button on the first page.



    More experiment with “Show at most” option:
    12 entries, 10 in option = 1 page + missing 2
    12 entries, 5 in option = 2 pages + missing 2
    12 entries, 4 in option = 3 pages + none missing
    12 entries, 6 in option = 2 pages + none missing
    12 entries, 7 in option = 1 page + missing 5
    12 entries, 2 in option = 6 pages + none missing
    12 entries, 1 in option = 12 pages + none missing



    OK, I’m lost. I see the Next and Previous Posts link fine.

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