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    I have a WordPress blog ( that’s basically just a small thing for my friends and family. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of registered users with .ru emails. I don’t allow users to post anything but comments, but does anyone know what might be happening? On the off chance that I’ve somehow gained a loyal Russian following, I wouldn’t want to just kick anyone off as a user, but I’m a little nervous that it is spam and/or hacker related. Has anyone else had this situation?



    The link you posted to your blog makes it clear that it is not a blog hosted by wordpress. This forum is for bloggers with blog hosted by We run on different software than does.

    As you are are hosted elsewhere – contact your host. If you are self hosting and have downloaded software then the forum for you is here



    Delete the users – then do as TT says now.



    My money is that they’re spammers and hitting your comments but, as TT notes, you need to be over at as these forums are for teh blogs hosted here at


    .ru emails seem to be russian spam bots. I had a load of them on my blog, aswell as trying to join my forum >.<



    They are everywhere. And I am closing all comments on old posts just like engtech did.

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