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Weird Video Just Started Right In My Admin Page

  1. I just notified Support that I had just finished posting a blog post and was half-looking at the screen when a video opened right in the Admin page.

    It was in black and white and was something like a rocket taking off. It was all over in a couple of seconds and there was a loud voice-over that sounded Japanese. I managed to take a grab-shot of the video.

    Is it from Automattic? Has WP been hacked?

    I grabbed a screen-shot of the video but just caught the end of it, though you can read the words at the bottom of the video that says:

    "How did this make you feel? What did you see? Do you have any inspirations for another surprise?"

    The screen-grab is here at

    Has anyone else seen this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Haven't seen it, but it sounds more like some interpersonal-relations-impaired "spontaneity" in corporate communications rather than anything malevolent. In other words, it's probably someone at Automattic tinkering with your dashboard, fully authorized.

    And now I've just offended someone on the staff deeply, I'm sure.

  3. Well it raised a smile with me, so maybe that can counter any offense that anyone might feel.


  4. Yes, I've seen it and I was not charmed either. It's one of the suprises linked to the 'surprise me'-feature. I unclicked that one and no videos since. Thank God.

  5. @taleterrin

    Thanks. I found the 'fun' setting in Personal Settings > Surprise Me and unchecked it.

  6. I guess the Surprise Me thingy is sorta like getting a surprise delivery of a cake big enough for a stripper to pop out of, and getting a chino-clad geek popping out instead?

  7. Heh. Yes, that sounds about right! Great idea by staff but the execution...erh, not so great.

  8. @rain &taleteller
    ***rotflmao*** :D

  9. That was indeed the result of this:

  10. @Hanni
    Thanks for the confirmation ... LOL :D ( I turned it off as right after the announcement was made.)

  11. I turned it off as right I have seen it running for firs time. It's really a weird feature!

  12. It is a surprise, though. So no mis-advertising. Just not for everybody (and their slow laptops who froze upon the video) apparently. :)

  13. They should totally offer me a gig to maintain this, because when I mean to be freaky, there is NO DOUBT I am freaky.

  14. @raincoaster. Now I'm kind of scared. ;D

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