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    I know we cannot automatically publicize on FB through a FAN page at the moment, so I tried to get around it by manually going to my FB FAN page and putting in the message and the link to the post. But I get this message before the blurb.

    PDRTJS_settings_2266257_post_1137 = {
    “id” : “2266257”,
    “unique_id” : “wp-post-1137”,
    “title” : “Natural+Solutions+For+Acne”,
    “item_id” : “_post_1137”,
    “permalink” : “”

    I thought this wouldn’t show up as part of the message but it does. It scares people making them think this is a bug or a virus link.

    Why does this happen and can I get rid of this when pasting this as a link on FB?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can use Publicize. See here >
    Or you can use one of these 5 methods > Importing post snippets into a Facebook fan page
    Hope this helps. :)



    Sadly, I believe the problem is on FB’s end, and they are CONSTANTLY changing things. Last week they posted my images with the text coming from the Description of the images. This week, they post my image and the entire content of hte blog post!

    There is a slight chance there’s something wrong with the way the theme has been designed, so do alert staff. They might be able to tweak it so it’s at least not pulling the code like that.



    thanks guys. this sucks but looks like we have to deal with it. I will contact staff about it.

    @timethief, i tried publicizing it but it doesnt work on a fan page, just a regular facebook page. Will take a look at the other options but they are mostly manual I think.



    I thought I was alone when gibberish started appearing in FB. I can live with this as I like how FB includes a thumbnail (even has an option to choose where multiple images are available). It takes a few seconds to copy a few lines of text from the blog post and paste into FB.



    Looks like the problem is resolved. It no longer has that message.

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