Weirdness in subscriptions

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    Just clicked over to read my Subscriptions this morning, and the entire list has been taken over by a single blog. All of her entries have re-posted like they’re new, and none of the others show up at all. Is she hacked? Are you?
    The blog in question is, if that helps.

    The blog I need help with is



    I am having similar problems with Subscriptions today. It is showing different things each time I check – some old posts. Also, I set a post to auto publish this morning, as I always do, and it didn’t post.



    I also have a blog showing up in my Subscriptions that I’ve never even visited (before today, when I went over to see what it was). It’s very odd.



    Actually, on looking over the blog, I may have visited a post briefly, but I’m sure I never subscribed to it. Also, I checked my sub options, and my email option was off, and I have no recollection of changing it — I subscribe to just a couple of blogs using the wp email subscription method, and the reason I do it is to see them show up in my email box, not in my rss feed reader. Of course, I may have somehow accidentally changed my setting, but I must have been half asleep when I did it!


    I’ve got the same challenges today plus I can’t get into my manage subscriptions either.



    Are you using the “My Subscriptions” menu in the admin bar, then selecting “Manage my Subscriptions” ? If so and it’s not working then try simply clicking in here > I can view mine using either way. If you people can’t then it’s time to report this issue to Staff >


    Using ‘My Account’ in the admin bar, selecting ‘Read My Subscriptions’. It’s not that it can’t be viewed, but it’s a mess – old posts shopwing up as new, no dates, no seperation…

    So, I should contact Staff?





    Thanks, Timethief. Will do.



    You’re welcome. Note that we Volunteers do not have backend access – only Staff do and only they can apply technical fixes.


    Hi guys — we’re working on some updates to Subscriptions and introduced a bug in the process. This should be resolved now.

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