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Welcome, Amateur Luddites -- er, Film Photographers!

  1. I myself am an amateur film photog, so of course the blog is all pictures and ramblings. The ramblings you can ignore, but I'd love to get your feed back on the photography!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. "Foggy Landscape" and extreme beliefs...

  3. "Codie is a Pinhead" and I still love candid shots.

  4. "Two Pumpkins" -- a labor of love for my favorite holiday:

  5. The first of a series from my recent trip to the dusty dunghole of Twentynine Palms, California:…lue-sky-resort/

  6. Don't you just LOVE another photoblog? Fresh from the amateur' press, we present to you:

    The Photo and the Anatomy

  7. More of my photo journal from the dusty desert town of Twentynine Palms:

  8. My kid returns from Iraq, and a little treat from Miriam Makeba:…turning-marine

  9. Everything we post online is vulnerable to content theft. This is particulalry problematic when it comes to images being stolen. I'd like to suggest that the two of you consider protecting your images.
    How to copyright your digital works
    Watermark your images
    See also: Copyright basics for bloggers

  10. The ignorance and misinformation about copyright and fair use has escalated as the numbers of content thieves and e-beggars has dramatically increased. Bloggers are expected to be able to sort facts from fiction, so if you are a newcomer becoming familiar with copyright law is part of the territory. And as you are both new to blogging I'd like to give you a heads up about content theft. Everything we post is vulnerable to theft and images are particularly vulnerable. I think you will benefit from reading these posts and acting on the information in them.
    Copyright basics for bloggers
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    Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  11. OOPS! I'm sorry. I thought my first post did not "take". :(

  12. Thanks, timethief! What a great tool. I guess I know what I'll be doing for the next hour or two...

    Here's our family's Iraq vet reunited with his daughter:

  13. You're welcome and nice shot. :)

  14. The first of a series on riding the ferries of Puget Sound:…n-with-a-shake

  15. Not a new post, but a further explanation of my Ferry Heads:…floating-heads

  16. More fun with blurry pictures! Grapeleaf Abstractions, one-two-three:

  17. Continuing the abstract images: the season have arrived! This is ice?

  18. What a priceless pic of your Vet and his daughter, thank you for sharing that.

  19. Thanks, Bats.

    A macro image of tomatoes from my garden:


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