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Welcome Amateur Luddites -- er, Film Photographers!

  1. I myself am an amateur film photog, so of course the blog is all pictures and ramblings. The ramblings you can ignore, but I'd love to get your feed back on the photography!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The economic wrecking ball whomps its way through town:

  3. Commuting is different, when you live on an island:

  4. The Colorado River Bridge opened for business last month; here it is under construction:

  5. Lately my brain is as frozen over as these:

  6. A dizzying ride at the county fair:

  7. "Nothing like a small town fair to bring out the Twilight Zone in all of us":

  8. Some people really are horse people...and, y'know, vice-versa:

  9. I love old buildings. Here's one of my favorite ramshackles:

  10. Another dirty picture of fruit:

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