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Welcome, Amateur Luddites -- er, Film Photographers!

  1. Not a new post, but I organized everything into galleries by subject. I may end up changing my mind again, but we'll see:

  2. My nephew had a big scratch on his ear, so I cut it off:

  3. My other nephew will slowly put your eye out:

  4. Conjuring mom to shield me from Scraggly Rat fashion:

  5. Update: My mom mowing the lawn in heels:

  6. Music. Fashion. Sports. Art. Life.

    It still pretty new. Check it out and comment on what I have so far. Im definitely going to post A LOT more stuff later on

  7. A quick non-lesson on a not-exactly-infrared film. But the picture's nice!

  8. One guy hanging out a car window + one baseball bat =

  9. I don't do photography, but I do poetry. I think they are very similar in the sense that they both can tell a story. I use great imagery. Thought some of you might like to read it.

  10. If it's too boring, just flip it around:

  11. Good luck on your images. Definitely protect your pictures. I total agree.

  12. Also, you can't get better protection with watermarking I am all for it.

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