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  1. Welcome to
    (1) There's a beginner's tubetorial here .
    (2) features list is very useful too.
    (3) drmike our forum moderator has a pink sticky on FAQs at the head of the forum.
    (4) This is the link to the FAQs blog and there's a search box you can use there.
    (5) The forum search box is also a treasure trove full of information and it's going to become your friend in no time at all.
    (6) Please read me first before posting is a pink sticky at the head of the forum that clearly outlines the comparison of and services.
    (7) The tags page will help you find others blogging on the same subjects and using the same category tags. The "tag surfer" and "my comments" tabs on your dashboard will also help you locate bloggers with similar interests.
    (8) And for tips and tricks pertaining to how to promote your blog be sure to visit here.
    Happy Blogging! :)

  2. Try throwing in the article I have on pimpmyblog about getting folks to your blog.

  3. I changed #8 to link directly to teh article.

    Hope you don't mind.

  4. @drmike
    *rotflomao* I did the same thing too! So what say you venerable support wizard - will this become a pink sticky so it can be ignored like the others? *lol* If so then you can remove the last three posts and close the comments.

    Oh Mark ... what say you? To sticky or not to sticky - that's the question?

  5. bump to mark

  6. Actually Mark has asked me to limit the stickies up there.

    I need to sit down and rewrite them. Maybe someday. :)

  7. Although I could be wrong I have the feeling we are going to need this today.

  8. anime 11 - has mistakenly posted in the site maintenance sticky that he or she needs help setting up his or her blog. This thread commences with the basic resources every wordpress blogger should be come proficient in using. In addition this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

  9. It seems like no one can find the FAQ link at the head of the forum, the pink sticky posts or even the forum search box today. So here ya go. The first post in this thread has what every newbie needs to get started and to become independent.
    Happy blogging :)

  10. You're just noticing that? :)

  11. Are you kidding? I pacified the pink witch within me by dragging this out and bumping it and VOILA! some folks found their way to the resources.

  12. This totally should be a sticky. I've been here since February and I still can't find my way around the FAQ's. There are FAQs under FAQs. And FAQs are where people go when they've already screwed up, mostly. This thread is a great resource not only for new WordPress users, but for those wondering whether to switch to WordPress. It deals with it from a blogger point of view, which is irreplaceable.

  13. Jeez ... that was nice to hear ... *lol* :)
    P.S. I have all the makings for a pink witch resource blog but haven't had time to stew them up in my politeness caldron yet.

  14. Combine this and the actual sticky and we can sticky a new one.
    As it is though we have 4 and that's at least 2 too many.... I'll drop one.

  15. I've been meaning to rewrite my FAQ list, Andy's "Am I in the right place" and include this one.

    Bush didn't need to change Daylight Savings time. He need to change the number of hours in a day.

    Moot anyway. Seems like folks don't read them. I know that's not true as we never know how many folks actually read them and go off and solve their own issues but still.

  16. I frequently have to remind myself that many bloggers do use the resources available and work out their own solutions. This is illustrated by the popularity ranking of the FAQs but it's so easy to forget.
    I think the blurb I wrote above could be quite readily included in the pink sticky FAQs that you wrote. But I also think after they are combined that the colour of this particular sticky (dealing with resources and getting started at should be different than the other stickies.
    And, I wouldn't change a word of Andy's concisely written post. I think he's very articulate and selective in his use of language.
    P.S. IMO Bush's head is too far up his dark part to be able to see the light. [I couldn't resist.]

  17. I'm bumping my own post to make it available to those who are new and who want to try to find the answers to their questions rather than waiting.

  18. The new FAQ is still on my todo list.

    I'm trying to work on my own WPMu sites this weekend. :)

    As well as my inbox.

  19. Understood. :) We went out last night and I wanted to leave some reading material behind for the new bloggers who were asking questions. :)

  20. did my avatar show?

  21. There's a thread in Off Topic (bottom of the page) to test avatars. Please use that when you change the next time.

  22. sorry

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