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Well Hellooo

  1. So tell me, anything new in your life? Anything old and you feel is outdated?

  2. What's new in my life is the new me: I am a day older.

    No offense. I really do feel that way. I'm just... *sigh* desperate...

  3. No offense taken. I know what you mean though.

  4. Still dull ...


    have I mentioned

    something 'bout

    inanity? It's legendary!

  5. I wish I was... Dead.

  6. I can understand dull...but dead is a little extreme isn't it?

  7. Dead is an addictively delicious kinda thing ....
    What the heck you think all earthlings are doing here? Keeping hands busy while waiting to be dated, not?
    Well, hellooo?!

  8. Whether dead is delicious or not it's still a little extreme. In my opinion.

  9. It's not extreme when you're extremely depressed.

  10. I'm living with the dead somewhere along Java woods. How does that sound to you, eh?

  11. Living with the dead sounds a bit...I don't know...weird? Why exactly would someone be living with the dead somewhere a long Java woods?

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