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we're not hiring because..........

  1. you have a felony or misdemeanor against you you're over-qualified,under-qualified, to short to tall what is the problem with companies? all of the people out of work and all of the jobs that need to be filled it looks like they would retrain people to do these jobs. do they want to keep people living in poverty? is the united states becoming a third world country? some of the people who live here it looks like they live in a third world country. people who come over here from another country has it better than the majority of the people who are u.s. citizens. I mean come on I know some people over here are lazy and don't want to work but people like me can't get a job because of the hiring process. everyone makes mistakes, so why do companies hold it against someone? we have bills to pay same as everyone else but it's hard to pay those bills when you can't get a decent job, and all you make is just enough to get by on. we need more than help from the state, we need these companies to quit acting like third graders and stop holding a grudge against someone because of there past. give someone a chance and a job

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  3. How about "don't become a felon"? Does that work for you?

  4. could it possibly be that (perish the thought) others are more highly qualified? And perhaps don't have the background issues? I know - totally unfair - how dare they be rewarded for having made correct life decisions. You should be entitled to their pay. (/sarcasm)

  5. well, i guess America has no choice but to whore its self out to the other countries. 0_o I call Australia!!

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