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Were there *any* recent changes to the K2 theme, or the way it is rendered?

  1. I've had built a dynamic page menu using CSS only which is based on the Pages-widget. It worked in all Browsers, even gracefully falling back in IE6..

    At the beginning of March it worked just great. Today I suddenly realized that it is *gone*. Last CSS edit from my side was March 5th, it has worked for quite a while after that.

    Were there *any* changes after that date in the base theme K2, or in the way the custom CSS and the theme CSS is combined? I'm really frustrated here. The whole point of hosting here is to have a reliable environment.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Volunteers answering forum questions are not aware of what Staff may or may not be changing in regard to themes or anything else so we have no answers to questions like this one. You will have to contact Staff to get an answer. Here's the link >

  3. Thanks for the headsup, I figured it out.

  4. Well, that's great to hear. How did you fix it?

  5. The main CSS was changed. So I had to overwrite this propert:

    .secondary {
    overflow: visible; }

  6. @kilibee
    Thanks for letting us know the main CSS on K2 Lite was changed. We are probably going to find others posting to the forum on this so I will bookmark this thread.

  7. In fact, I think that new CSS versions should get versions like our own CSS.

    Side effects in CSS can be hard to track anyway. If you don't know that there were changes, you're looking at your page and just realize that something looks different... you might not even know what exactly.

    Best practice from a bloggers POV probably is to replace the CSS completely. First copy the Original CSS, and after that write/paste in your changes.

    Do NOT edit in the original section, it becomes a nightmare - trust me on this one... CSS always takes the last definition it finds, so simply redefine what you would like to change. Doing so keeps the original CSS and your code at least separated in the document.

    As all comments are stripped out by during script validation, keep a commented copy of the CSS in our files.

    Hope it helps


  8. @Klaus
    devblog is a volunteer who helps members with CSS editing. This is a link to his post on the subject >

  9. Actually I have to add a word of warning: As your header image is parsed into the CSS, you'll have to take care of that for yourself.

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