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We've been locked out of our own site by a di**face webmaster.

  1. So, myself and a friend of mine, Q The Physicist, we have this interview podcast show called Off Record Show and some time ago, i asked a guy, that used to be a friend of mine at the time, to make us a site we could easily tweak and add content onto, he started us our own site on this link It is registered on his email, but the branding, the site settings, the content, its all ours, you can see that the articles are either done by myself (emes) or my partner (q the physicist).
    Now, altho that would be the easiest thing and possibly the best for us, to get the site back, im pretty sure you can't do that, it's registered on his email and i bet you can't just take it from his hands because i asked you to.
    What im asking tho is, to transfer all the settings, the colours, the layout, the branding, and if possible, the content, on another link, possibly or something like that.
    I wouldn't be surprised if you messaged me back, saying that you can't do that either, but see it's either you doing it for us, making it faster and easier, or us doing it manually ourselves, making another site, setting everything up to make it appear the same as this site. The only difference is, that in case you help us out, when we get to a point, where we consider getting some sort of proper domain, we might actually consider just switching to pro plan right here. Helpful, caring administrators are always a deciding factor for usage of any internet service.

    Also, I'd like to clarify one thing. There is no "rocket science" on the site, it's all just content related to our podcast interview show, mostly text, links on other sites, some pictures etc, so i can't really file no DMCA complaint. It's not a matter of stolen content or anything, it's more of a question of making things easier for us. Cuz if we had to start a new site, set everything up, that might take us some time out of the little free time we already have, since both of us are hard working men.


    P.S. I had to set up URL of the blog and since i can't put there anything other than the blog i had to start after registering this profile, it's in the Blog URL section of this form, but as i said, it's all related to

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Every blog has a sole owner and it is the person with the username account who registered the blog in question. That person can transfer the blog to another username account by using this process if they choose to. If the blog owner does not choose to do that, know that Staff will not snatch back the blog from that username account and register it to you.

  3. We'll have to do it manually then i guess, the content is ours anyway, thx for the answer.

  4. I guess we'll have to use other service than wordpress then..

  5. The blogging platform you blog on makes no difference at all to Google re: duplicate content. If you duplicated content here at from a Blogger blog it would still be the same to Google.

  6. I don't want to be disrespectful, but he's got our content on his site, it's ours, I don't care if I'll have to file a complaint to get it out or just start a duplicate blog and let him have it there, I'm not gonna rebrand or change names just because of silly policies. Thx for your help anyways.

  7. Best wishes for a happy ending.

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