what a waste of my time.

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    Ok, get the point of blogs, i read em. Thought it would be great to start my own, discussing things that happen on my organic farm. Nice idea, sounds great, I spend more time outside active in my business than trying to figure out the minuate of web blogging, but I figure its 2009 right? Shouldnt things have been made simple by now. I sign up for a blog, write a post, try to attach a picture, finally figure that out. I want the photo bigger, find the way to make it bigger, now I have one small and one large picure of the same photo on the post. Ok, so I can delete one right? So I go to edit, and one would think it would be made pretty simple, like a box to check to delete one of the images. Nope, no where that I can find. Ok, try a search, surprise, no simple tutorial on how to do this. Meanwhile I just wasted 3 hours of gorgeous sunny day inside staring at a sceen trying to figure out how to do something as simple as delete and image off a post. Instead theres lots of info on widgets and such blogging crap that I really dont need. What a waste of time, can anyone recommend some other blog service thats more user friendly? This blogging thing should be a means to an end, and not a way to waste an entire day.

    The blog I need help with is palmitersgardennursery.wordpress.com.



    You click on the image in Edit and hit Delete on your keyboard. You’re welcome.



    If you want the simplest blogging platform, that is Tumblr. You delete a picture from Tumblr in the same way you delete one from WordPress.com.



    I understand your frustration. It just takes time to learn most everything with wordpress. I don’t even bother to read how to’s, I just figure it out on my own. Like raincoaster said all you had to do was click on the photo while in edit and then delete from there. It is really a simple platform to use once you learn the ropes.


    Thank you for the work you do for us beginners. I am a complete neophyte in terms of the internet. I found WordPress fairly straightforward once I put effort into it but I find it comforting to know that there is a forum here that I can come to in an emergency.
    Thank you,
    Evelyn in Montreal




    Note that after the OP posted, it took five minutes until he got a response. That’s certainly better than three hours bumbling around on your own; do a forum search, check the FAQ, and if you don’t find it there, ask.

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