What about other file types like .rar?

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    I’ve rared up a few jpgs and uploaded it to my blog so people can download them once without clicking on each of them. The rar is only 3 MB and I’ve plenty of space left. It’s however rather cumbersome to have to tell people to rename them from pdf from rar especially as some do not know how to right-click and save-as, thus they try to open the “pdf” in their browser which of course looks weird and is confusing to some. So, when will these file types be officially supported?



    Hm. Not sure why rar isn’t supported, it’s a nice format.

    – Lora



    Best bet is to raise this with staff directly: http://support.wordpress.com/contact



    techflaws, why not post them as an image gallery?

    It’s unlikely we’ll allow zip or rar uploads – that’s pretty far outside the blogging sphere.



    Because it’s several pics and their dimensions would mess up the theme layout used on my blog. Besides, this was just an example, I’ve also had rared up other files, like a small firmware patch which deals with the topic of my blog. I’m sitting on 3 GB of free space on a blog I’m paying for. Frankly, for a few files I need to share with people I don’t want to have to use rapidshare just because someone has a somewhat narrow view on what is to be considered blogging or not. Support got back to me and said they would suggesting it for an update.



    It’s not a narrow definition of blogging; it’s infrastructural security risk factors.



    Right, so rar’s renamed to pdf or whatever are more secure. Reminds me of those high end virus scanners used in companies that are easily fooled by docs with embedded binary objects.

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