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What am I actually waiting for during Import?

  1. I would just like to understand what I am actually waiting for when I am waiting up to 24 hours for an email telling me that my import has been completed. These are computers, right? I exported the contents of one blog (this is a free, hosted blog). This took a matter of seconds. I went to another (another free, hosted blog), with a different name, and imported it. Here, I'm told that I will receive an email when it's done, and if it's not done within 24 hours I can send a message to inquire about it.

    Huh? 24 hours? I'm sitting here working on this thing, and I've had to export and import a couple of times, and it's enormously frustrating. I have to plan my day so that I can work on something else, and try to explain to people why it's not done yet.

    It would really help a lot if some explanation for the wait could be given. I really don't get it! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,
    This is a peer support forum and we Volunteers ie. your fellow bloggers cannot and do not provide explanations that can't be found in support documentation or in forum threads. I searche and came with without an answer. Perhaps there is a queue of folks waiting in line for their exports to be processed.

  3. Depends on how many are importing - when I moved my site 18 months ago the wait was around 24 hours - there were several million blogs migrating from Microsoft Live Spaces or whatever - all at the same time - my guess is they have the generic message just in case you hit a busy time.

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