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What am I doing wrooong??!

  1. My blog is almost a year old and I'm very worried because it's still tiny! Is there something I should be doing to boost my readership?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try this;

    You should find tons of very good advice here. Hope it helps.

    Jess. :)

  3. It's already recommended 4 months ago.
    See here
    And My words here You've switched your theme now, (The last one really suited to your blog) and the content is not as ordered as it was 3 months ago, the last time I visited your site. It looks you post less frequently. Blogging once a month and then expect your blog to flourish is useless. Keep posting good content. My best wishes are with you.

  4. Thanks, guys.
    Sigh :-(

  5. It is probably just because you don't post very often. I only post once a week, but I think anything less than that will start to affect the page impressions.

  6. eatingdisorderstuff

    I had my blog for five years and never really promoted it. I wrote a couple of entries a month. But now that I'm active in other related blogs and post daily, my readership has gone from 100 views a day to 1,000 views a day in about six months. So I think it has a lot to do with how active you are with other blogs and how often you post. It also helps to link with facebook and twitter and such.

  7. 1000 views a day for a blog on anorexia?! That's amazing.

  8. I tried linking to FB but with friends and family like mine it was a total waste of time. Not one person even 'liked' much less viewed. So I gave up and concentrated on those blogs etc who shared similar topics and subjects, and who appreciated my subject.

  9. eatingdisorderstuff

    @tltcl: Why, do you think anorexia would be boring?

  10. @tltcl - any blog that's about a health disorder will get a large readership. People like to find others who share their problems.

    @recoveringanorexic - you're right about the way you're getting readers - commenting in other people's blogs is the best way to do it. And - I've taken a look at your blog (unfortunately not enough as I'd have liked as my internet connection keeps breaking) and it's brilliant. :)

  11. eatingdisorderstuff

    @absurdoldbird -- thanks so much for the feedback! Also, thank you for commenting on my latest entry; I appreciate all the help I can get.

  12. You're welcome. :)

  13. I never stated that a blog about anorexia would be boring - careful you don't jump to assumptions! I just didn't think that it would have wide appeal. Just shows what I know...

  14. eatingdisorderstuff

    @tltcl: I wasn't trying to state what I said in a snarky way, so sorry if it came off like "assuming." I was really just curious to know.

  15. Yet when I write about piles, no one takes notice =/

  16. @pete - that's cos only us Brits know what you mean... ;)

  17. Haha the word must be spread!

  18. The word, but hopefully not the piles...

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