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What are these called and can we have them here at WordPress?

  1. What are these boxes called that holds codes together:

    I've started to make MySpace layouts and was thinking of placing the codes on a page on my blog to share with everyone but don't know if those boxes are html or javascript. Thanks!

  2. Those are called lol scroll bars./ They appear automatically generally.

  3. if I get it correctly, 'these boxes that holds codes together' are called a 'textarea', though probably Nosy was asking about scrollbars and forms get styled.

  4. Try this. Put this around the post content in question:

    All your stuff in here

    HTH. :)

  5. it's a preformated element. engtech has 'em

    switch to the code tab of the post editor, and insert pre tags, as root suggests.

    DO NOT, as root suggests, use code tags. especially don't nest them improperly, the way root does :P

    styling them to have scrollbars requires the custom CSS upgrade.

  6. Thank guys! I thought it could be shortened in a box instead of the entire long code showing but I still have to post the entire code though.

  7. Well Root only copied the nested CSS from the item demonstrated. He wouldn't have done it himself. :)
    @nosysnoop: You could set a fixed height for the container in the CSS. That would do it.

  8. I made three MySpace layouts and submitted them to this MySpace layout site and waiting for them to be approved. I might post them as a post and then use the More tag so all that code won't show unless you click to see it. And possibly post a thumbnail of the finished product of what it looks like on your MySpace. Or maybe set up a Page and put it all there.

  9. I hope sbk and myself are going to get proper *credits* :)

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