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What are all the widgets for hosted blogs?

  1. I am sure there is a list some where of all the widgets available for WordPress blogs which are remotely hosted, but I am having trouble finding it. Can anyone point me to a list of options I can turn on for my blog? I would really love the Tags feature if I can run that remote, but would like to see everything possible.

    :) thanks

  2. All of the available widgets for blogs (different software than are found here -> Presentation -> Widgets. The information and instructions for using them are found here FAQs widgets. There is no "list". However if you're looking for further information on widgets then check these resources
    understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories
    understanding widgets and how to set them up

    Beginner's Guide

    Exactly what do you mean by running the tags feature remote?

    The "tags" feature is only for blogs hosted by Blogs from templates downloaded from are not included in the "tag" system as those bloggers run on different software are are not a part of this community. If you use the forum searchbox you will find confirmation of what I say as it has come up before.

  3. Also note that the differences between software and services and software and services are found in a sticky post at the head of the forum entitled "Please read me first"

  4. I'm sure has a list of plugins and widgets, but that wouldn't be here, it would be over on their site. The software is very different, so there's only some overlap, not a great deal.

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