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What are impressions

  1. It says: Payment is for impressions, not by click.

    Why do they mean by impressions?

    Page views?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please help.

  3. Impressions=views.

  4. NowFootball - feel free to get in touch with me by email at if you have more questions.

  5. As what I've understood impressions are not the same with page views. Page view is equivalent to one person viewing your site while an impression is equivalent to how many pages visited by one person.

    John Smith viewed your website so that's considered as one (1) page view

    John Smith visited or clicked three pages on your website so that's considered as three (3) Impressions.

    Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. therattlingdoor

    An impression is not the same as a view. In Google Webmasters it could say you have 9,000 impressions but only 200 clicks. That means 9,000 people saw something about your site when they were browsing, that Google brought up, after they typed something into search, but only 200 people then clicked to go onto your site.

  7. @therattlingdoor - but answers about Google Webmaster Tools does not address the WordAds program, which is what the question is about.

    @arielparonjr - did you look at the FAQ I linked to in your other forum thread on WordAds?

  8. therattlingdoor

    @justjennifer but an impression is the same wherever it is impressed.

  9. therattlingdoor

    AND i was using Webmaster as an example of what an impression is. But it's a good thing we have you to come along and correct me!

  10. Raincoaster, who is in the WordAds program and has a lot of forum cred gave the answer above, but let's wait for a Staff member to come along and correct us both, then.

    (apologies if I sounded harsh earlier, it wasn't my intention.)

  11. therattlingdoor

    @justjennifer It's fine, i am probably wrong, i usually am!!

  12. @therattlingdoor you are sort of right in that it is not a click, an impression in wordads means that when someone loads the page, or a new page, and a new ad is displayed, they get paid for it. No clicking on the ad is required. But like justjennifer says Staff will give the correct answer, and may even correct me too!!

  13. Sorry, seems to be a lot of confusion here on this matter. What the advertisers pay for is how many times readers see their ads. They use their ad server to compute this. There is always some kind of descrepency between their ad count and the views shown in your dashboard so you can't track it perfectly. But you can come close to it by looking at the views in your dashboard.

  14. Thanks @jonburke!

  15. My wordads millions have made me wise.

  16. @JohnBurke: So does that mean if you have triple WordAds Ads displayed on your page you get 3 impressions also per page view? compared to one ad displayed which is only equivalent to 1 impression?

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