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What are Incoming Links?

  1. Hello,

    on my Dashboard page, under Latest Activity, there's a topic that says Incoming Links. What does Incoming Link mean?? I clicked on More and was taken to a google page that simply directed to my blog page.

    Could you please let me know what Incoming Link means and if it means that some other site/blog is linking to that post, how do I find which blog/site is linking.

    Shall be thankful for help.


  2. "Incoming Links" is a list of:

    Sites linking directly to your site, and

    Trackback links in the comments of your posts.

  3. Thanks!

    But, how does one find the sites that trackback to my blog?

    When I click on the incoming link, it simply links to my post. How do I find the site that's linking to my site?


  4. Please let know.


  5. And if I have a link to one of my previous posts, does that also show as incoming link?


  6. Yep. If you have a link (in one of your own posts) to one of your own posts, it shows in the "incoming links" section.

    As to getting to the sites linking you: click on the username of the poster in order to find the incoming link. It should take you directly to the linking post.

    Trackbacks differ from comments in that they all begin and end with these: "[...." and "....]"

  7. Thank you, thereflectivet!


  8. If you click on that more link that's right above the listing, it'll take you to Google and show you what they have for incoming links. That's where that portion of the DashBoard gets its information from.


  9. Thank you drmmike!

    I would like to know a bit more about trackbacks, I have a 'permalink' option below my posts but no 'trackback' option. Are trackbacks and permalinks the same things?

    Is there any thread that has been discussing trackbacks, I would like to know more about them.

    Thanks and Obliged,


  10. Are trackbacks and permalinks the same things?

    Offically no but there's a catch.

    You'll notice that the permalink is the exact same thing as the URL for the article in question.

    The trackback is slightly different. When you do a trackback, your blog (the one you're writing on) sends back information to the first blog. Sort of a "Hello, I'm linking to you just so you know" message. It's technically called a "ping" but it's different from what a real ping is in computer terms. (But most people know it as a ping or a "blog ping" so you can call it that.)

    Now here comes the catch. WordPress can use both as a trackback source. Not every blogging software can. If you were to not include a trackback in your post here at but include a link in the post, WP will still try to send a ping to that page. On the receiving end, WP will recognize both but, again, some blogs won't.

    Good form is to include the trackback anyway just to be on the safe side.

    You can find out about Trackbacks here and Permalinks here.

    Hope this helps,

  11. Thank you. Your explanation was much more helpful than the help I got from reading a couple of sites on the net.



  12. Oh... I have never used trackbacks if I am getting information from another blog or web-site, then I include the url in the trackback section of my new post section.

    So it basically tell the other site that I have been to them, and may have gleaned information from them.

    Is that right?


  13. according to my experience, the incoming links seems to be the results from google blog search for back links.

  14. LJ, a trackback tells the other site that you have linked to them and are basically asking for a link back to your article. Sort of a reciprocal link request.

  15. hi drmike, i found "incoming links" in one of my blogs and when i click on more I get taken to the Google site. How do i figure out who has linked to me? sorry for being obtuse but i couldnt figure it out. many thanks.

  16. Heh, well how about this? I've got an incoming link that points back to my own post - as if the post links to itself.

    Only, there's no link to the post itself in the article.

    *humming twilight zone theme*

  17. How do i figure out who has linked to me?

    Um, look at the Google page? Thats the list on inbound links to your site. :)

    I've got to admit though that as much as I dislike Microsoft their MSN search is a lot better for stuff like this. They seem to pick up links and pages quicker than Google and they ignore the nofollow portion of tags so they look at everything moreso than Google does.

    Ben, I'd love to see an example to see this so I can tell you for sure.

  18. Hi drmike, So you are saying that when you look at more in the incoming links and it bouces you to a GoogleBlog search page means that Google search has linked to my blog?

    Not trying to beat a dead horse, :-)

  19. Not entirely. Google's blog search is seperate from the normal Google search engine. You can read what Google's blog search is here.

    What it looks like it is doing is just reading the RSS feed from your site much like technorati does and populates it's database from that instead of using spiders like the normal Google search engine does.

    What you are seeing is posts from other sites where a link has been created to your site within that post. I don't see where it would be pickup up links from within a blogroll as those are not included within the RSS feed.

    For example:

    If you take a look at my link results from my test blog, you'll see some internal linking that I do as well as a number of incoming links. If you follow through to those, you'll note that those links are coming is from other posts elsewhere.

    Hope this helps,

  20. If Google is so freaking popular, why don't they index more? That blows. I'm indexed more on MSN. But my referrers from MSN say Sympatico for some reason.

  21. If Google is so freaking popular, why don't they index more?

    When Google was first designed, they programmed it in C and included a numbering system. That numbering system allows for a maxinum of about 4.2 billion data records. They ran out of those numbers years ago and keep having to redo the system.

    From 2003

    More recent: The Register

    Direct from a Google director

    Sympatico is a large ISP in Canada who recommend MSN as their search engine.

  22. But why doesn't MSN have the same problems that Google does? Bill Gates is smarter? lol

  23. I remember reading that MSN was designed to support 11.1 billion pages from their relaunch a year or two ago.

    I use Google to search for stuff and MSN to check for links and the like.

    *chuckle* I guess the richest man in the world beats out um, two postgrads who are now rich. :)

  24. I was advised about Incoming Links by a colleague, he said go to your Dashboard page and look under incoming links. However, it doesn't seem to be there. Can you help, the ping option doesn't option dosesn't appear under the Options tab either?



  25. Your best bet would be to go to a search engine and type in into the search bar. What's on your dashboard is just the most recent ones and then only from sites that support RSS feed.

  26. (1) go to your dasboard and look to the left hand side. There you will see a heading in bold lettering that says "Latest Activity". Now look on the line immediately below that - it says incoming links.

    (2) the search engine checkbox was removed last night - here is the explanation as to why

    edit: sorry drmike and I were typing at the same time

  27. My incoming links have disappeared - yet again.

  28. Not to worry, when google works on them (it's not a wordpress thing) they come and go, and go and come, then they settle down until the next time google does their thing again.

  29. As someone said a few days ago, blogging is not an exact science. :)

    Things don't always work the way they should.

  30. Moved to a new post as this one is marked "resolved"

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