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What are Incoming Links?

  1. This is very helpful in understanding "incoming links." But I do have unresolved questions: This post is shown as incoming link:

    But I don't have any links to it or from it---just a link to a third-party site. So I know my understanding of "incoming links" is still incomplete.

    Why does this post show as an "incoming link"? Thanks.

  2. If you click on any incoming link you will end up on the site from whence the link came.
    The link you gave above seems to be indicating that you gave your own story a link in another story you wrote later ... *lol* ... an interesting concept *lol*

  3. LG, you're seeing it as an incoming link because the forum threads have RSS feeds attached to them now and Tech. is picking up on them.

    I'm seeing them (a lot) as well. :)

  4. Many thanks. I do indeed sometimes link to earlier posts, particularly if the later post is a correction or amplification, but the post in question has no link to it at all.

    I assume that somewhere in FAQs there is or soon will be a full explanation of "incoming links" and their oddities. One minor enhancement I would ask for: check the "incoming link" and see if equals the post itself, and if it does, do not post that as an incoming link (since it's totally uninformative so far as I can see). Thanks for listening. (I'll send this as feedback as well, since this is a resolved thread)

  5. I have an incoming link to my blog. It is to a paxil blog. I think it is sort of a spam thing. How can I decline being connected to that blog?

  6. You cannot control incoming links from outside sources. You do have the ability to block comments, but not incoming links.

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