What are microformats as pertains to your themes

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    You have 28 themes that are categorized as “microformats”. Just what does this mean, how do you access any extra capabilities/features these give you?

    Questions re this have gone unanswered in the forums.

    I assume this somehow relates to microformats as described here:


    If so I’m unsure of what the advantage is to a particular template – as it seems simple enough to implement microformats in the code of any template. Unless you have software in place that strips such coding out?

    I’ve noticed that your site tends to rewrite my code at the drop of a hat, usually with incorrect code to boot.

    In any case what do you mean by “microformats” in the Themes section?

    Aaaaaand I just noticed the pushbutton for this is labeled “ask the community for support”. This is a question for a WordPress.com employee, community members cannot be expected to know the answer to this question. I guess I’ll push the button anyway and see what does or does not happen…
    Blog url: http://barbariansatthekitchengate.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is barbariansatthekitchengate.wordpress.com.


    “simple enough to implement microformats in the code of any template” – dang not being able to edit!

    I mean in the code as you write any web page (including posts, static pages, what have you). Basically its some pretty simple HTML which you write inline as you go. So why would you need a special template for that?



    Hi there,
    I’ have flagged this thread so it’s moved to the Themes Forum for you. There Themes Staff monitor threads and will answer your questions. Themes that have microformats are found under this Tag in the Themes Showcase http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/features/microformats/



    Hi @kitchenbarbarian,

    Yes, you are correct. We have 28 themes that is tagged with Microformats. The actual number of themes should be more… I should check that…

    Anyway, what this means is that those 28 themes are coded with microformats that help some robots and scripts that understand microformats to understand and process the marked-up data.

    More info on microformats here: http://html5doctor.com/microformats/

    Hope it helps.


    Well not actually.

    I’m asking in what way these templates are providing support for people who want to use microformats. For instance, are you defining microformat-compliant classes for tags, author, publication date, etc, somewhere in the hidden CSS? If so, what parts of the microformat spec are you supporting, and how can we be sure we are linking in to these classes correctly?

    Also, if there are more templates providing this support than the 28 tagged as such, which are they?


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