What are Pages and Why should we use them??

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    Ok, yes I am very much a Newbie to all this Blogging stuff, but I can surely talk the talk and even sometimes, to a certain degree, walk that technical walk; But no matter what I do Love it all!! I guess I am a technogeek at heart!

    So here’s my question- I’m hearing many people talk about “Pages”, and that they are pretty cool. So what exactly are PAGES? And….
    ….What reasons might one have to use them?

    FYI, knowing a little bit about me and my company might help you to answer, at least the second of the two above questions—

    I am launching an online service portal for the Events & Creative Industries. We have beta tested the project numerous times over the past 8 years or so. We have many beta test members from these industries:
    Special Events, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment, Music and Food & Beverage.

    How can Pages help, and if you can think of anything else that might help me please do not hesitate to ask!

    Thanks so much for helping out a self proclaimed Blog Newbie.

    Nolan Apostle



    On a blog only one page will automatically update the new posts you make. All other pages are for static content. They sit outside the structure of our blogs. They are not dynamic and do not automatically update and you cannot assign categories to them. For greater clarity please read this http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/11/11/a-post-and-a-page/

    Do you have a wordpress.com blog? Or have you downloaded wordpress software from http://wordpress.org? I’m asking because the two run on different software and have different support forums. Thus you will get different answers to the same questions.



    Way Cool TimeThief – thanks for the expedient response!!!! That is the fastest response I have ever received from anyone, anywhere, ever!!!!!

    Yes, our blog address is http://www.eventcity.wordpress.com
    So what do people use Pages for????

    Thanks again, YOU are the MAN!!



    Timethief is the WOMAN, but I imagine that’s okay.

    People generally use pages for things that don’t change over the whole length of time their blog exists, things like their biography, a map of the route they’ll be travelling over the course of the blog, sometimes they have a page with details on contacting them, stuff like that.

    You don’t want to overuse pages, though, because it makes your blog less blog-like, it makes it harder to navigate, and most importantly hits on pages do not count at ALL towards your stats or Technorati ranking. It’s like they don’t exist, because they’re just add-ons to a blog, not the blog itself.



    (1) Your blog’s url is http://eventcity.wordpress.com
    Please note that there is no “www” in the url and if you use it that will mean that some people on the net and some search engines will not locate your blog.

    (2) Pages are for static content. Here are some examples:
    About pages – about who the blogger(s) are and what the blog is about.
    Archives pages – some but not all themes have page templates for archives.
    Comments pages – describe the comment policy of the blogger(s) ie. whether or not comments are moderated and also can provide instructions for html formatting of reader comments
    Contact pages – have an email address and/or a form so readers can contact the blogger(s)
    Disclaimer pages – self explanatory and often contain information about copyright and fair use.
    Reference pages – containing links to resources which are frequently referred to http://bloggersblurt.wordpress.com/colour-tools/

    In essence pages can be used with ease for any content that is not subject to frequent change.

    P.S. I’m not “the man”. I’m a girl. ;)


    that would make you ‘the babe’ the wouldnt it TT :)

    If you end up having a lot of pages your probably more in need of a proper CMS with integrated blog. There are a few out there, but you’ll need self hosting for them.



    @ tiamatsdisciple
    My Beloved has always called me “Babe” but here I’m known as either timethief or as tt ;)



    Wow, this is all great stuff- thank you so much for your help.

    TT, I humbly apologize for the gender bender, I promise I will not let it ever happen again, at least with you :-)
    Your feedback is incredible, and thanks for the tip about not using the “www”. I’m curious, Why does it do that if you add the www in the url?

    BTW, am I in the right support section??




    You are in the correct support forum.

    This is what happens when you incorrectly insert use the “www”
    The Google search turns up zip.

    This is what happens when you correctly dump the “www” The Google search turns up your blog.

    The reason “why?” is that the “eventcity” replaces the “www” in the url.

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