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What are the dimensions for the header banner?

  1. So I made a logo for my new blog, but I'm not sure exactly what the maximum dimensions are for teh moment the banner I've made is far too big...I need to know the exact dimensions so that I don't have to shrink it that much...


  2. Anyone? I mean seriously, having the maximum banner dimensions would really help, I spent a long time on this banner, and I need to konw how much I have to shrink it by precisely.

    Is there a way to bypass dimension restrictions altogether? That would be most ideal ultimately.

  3. Ambiru 500*225
    Benevolence 700*225
    Blix 690*115
    Connections 74*143
    Contempt 750*140
    Neat 700*200
    Regulus 730*140

  4. Um, TT, the information you just quoted isn't in the FAQs. At least even I can't find it right off. :)

    I think it would allow you to use a different size but that's going to break the rest of the blog's layout if you go larger and make your header look weird if you go smaller.

    I've not tried uploading a new image header yet. Too busy around here.

  5. @hanso and drmike

    hanso please accept my humble apology [she said with a redface]. I was sure that podz said he would include these sizes in the FAQs and that he had done so. Here's the threads so perhaps he needs a reminder

    I use the regulus theme and change it frequently (every 2-3 days) with no problems at all. I have also used both Blix and Connections and had no difficulty with frequent header changes.

  6. Yeah, I htought I had reminded Podz about it. I'll add it to my to list. I'm stuck on my one window at a time terminal this morning.

  7. I could have sworn it was there too!
    It is now :)

    (I've also added a new image upload and image link Q)

  8. Thanks Podz for doing both.

  9. Thanks guys, and hey no worries timet, we all make mistakes. :)

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