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What Are the Funniest WordPress Blogs?

  1. I'm just starting a new comedy blog on wordpress, and I'm trying to read all the best humor blogs out there to look for inspiration and maybe make some new blogging acquaintances. What do people are the funniest blogs floating around wordpress?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    These are my favorites of those who write funny most of the time. Mind you, they can also be quite serious at times, but they are mostly humorists:

    I also write funny when it's about bad movies/TV or odd dead famous people, but I write all over the map tone-wise.

  3. Sweet! Been fun checking these out. Thanks invisiblemikey. If you think of any more, lemme know!

  4. I personally like this one, because I'm full of myself.

  5. Mine?
    Womp womp. Shameless plug..
    Thanks for the links invisiblemikey. I cant wait to check them out either.

  6. Probably my top 3 favorites in no particular order

    Hopefully these links work, I'm typing them off from memory. Each of them post frequently and put a lot of effort into it. Also great guys.

    Noteable mentions to:

    But check out for a bunch more. You'll find something you enjoy.

    Best of luck! Will be checking out your blog when I get a chance.

  7. plasticdaffodils

    The Middlest Sister is really funny and talented.

    I just discovered Angry Pear through Freshly Pressed today.

    I consider my own blog to be in the humor category as well.

  8. These are great. Thanks everybody! And the more the merrier.

  9. Oh man, just read a bunch of Peas and Cougars. So good!

  10. You're all forgetting Pete's blog: Evolution of Insanity

  11. themiddlestsister

    Aw, thanks guys! I'd recommend checking out if you like somewhat dark humor and don't mind adult language or the possibility of spit-takes. This one in particular has changed my perspective on crazy End of the World guys:

  12. I never noticed this thread, thanks Kirsty :D you're too kind!

  13. Great question! Can't wait to check these out. I love that name "Angry Pear." :)

  14. Mostly Bright Ideas (not that he needs more readers as he was recently Freshly Pressed for the third time and has one post now with over 800 comments...) but he's incredibly funny and writes brilliantly.

    Our friend Anna in her blog Insanity Aquarium - funny dark short stories.

    And you can try out my 'wittering' category in my main blog... I'm not known as Absurd Old Bird for nothing...

  15. Lafemmeroar

    I love this blog, its very hilarious just smiling as I type this ;)

  16. Amusement abounds! So much good reading to do.


  18. Wow! Some more great ones. Thanks guys! Who knew there was so much good content out there?

  19. theinsanityaquarium

    I know they've already been mentioned, but Michael Cargill and Evolution of Insanity are definitely two of the funniest! Just thought I'd point them out incase they got overlooked in the general postings, because they are certainly awesome.

    And thanks Val! :D

  20. You have certainly earned that tenner I bribed you with ealier today :D

  21. theinsanityaquarium

    What can I say? A tenner can buy a lot of Freddos.

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