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What are the strangest Search Engine Terms people have used to find your blog?

  1. I just recently had "Drawing Abstract Cities"

  2. pornstarbabylon

    Many times I got how to properly use a tampon. :O Why I don't know.

  3. sunny's home cooking buffet; georgia

    Ok, my blogs do not relate to the this U.S. food network cooking star. Nice lady, but no.

    And we have a street here in our Canadian city by the name of georgia street.

    Nothing at all with southern cooking on our blogs.

  4. "jaakob follower of god"

    beats me

  5. "Gay Shower Activities"...??

    Now, i know I'm running a "self help" blog, but why i appeared for that person is beyond me..!


  6. 'how to scare someone' and 'how to make people scared of you' are two that often appear in my search thingy but l have no idea where l have those words in my blog.

  7. You can see all the search engine terms by which people have found my blog on here:

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