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    This is an example of some odd ‘comments’ that Askimet is catching:
    ro323ck | (email redacted) | b6912.searchik.info | IP:


    They seem to come from Lookuplive.com. Does anybody know what these ‘comments’ are? Should I dump them as spam, or is this some kind of indexing system, or, worse, an attack? I don’t think I will make these things public, as they have no actual content.

    Thoughts please.




    Spammer. IP address resolves in Russia.


    OK, thanks – I shall delete or let the things be deleted automatically. Any idea what the funny code thing is all about. I mean, what the heck is ‘m867k’? Or are they just getting people to go to Lookuplive.com to up page impression and click through rates?



    I’d go ahead and delete them as Akismet is already recognizing them as spam. All Lookuplive.com is a spam site and I wouldn’t worry about it. the m867k is just some garbage the spammer threw in there to give it some random content.


    Thanks Mike – I shall bin the things.



    Not a problem. :)

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