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  1. I am trying to invite a friend as "editor". She could not complete it. I invited myself (a different email and name) and failed. I invited my wife on her email; failed.
    What are we not doing? Followed the instructions; opened WordPress account, no door; created a blank blog, no door opened for us. Ping-ponged with the email notices to accept invite, then "activate Account". Nothing works. Can you help us?
    Blog url:

  2. Do you see any error messages? If so, would you please quote them?

    If not, would you please describe exactly what happens when it fails?

  3. Thank you for the response. What I found last night was there was never a link, a tie, allowing the "friend" access to my blog when I followed the procedure on your help screen.
    This morning I created a new gmail account, used that to set up a wordpress account and blog, then went to the Main blog and sent an invite through the "user" tab to the other blog. Nothing showed up on the other blog screen. I sent another invite to the gmail account, responded at the gmail account (accept invitation). Logged in and everything was fine. Sequence is the key. The invited party must have an email account, a wordpress account, and a wordpress blog.
    That's the best help I can give you. When you go through something four times, the steps get confusing and lost to memory. But my description of steps this morning is clear. I will watch for any other questions from you, and help anyway I can. Thanks.

  4. Having a account or blog is not a requirement to send an invitation, but they must have an email address.

    If they do not have a account at the time they accept the invitation, they will be prompted to create one.

  5. If I email someone an "invite", how do they log in without a username and password? Even after creating a wordpress account (without a blog), there was nothing to click to tie the two together, not from their end, and not from my (the blog owner) end.
    I appreciate your response, and thank you for your attention.
    As I said, the problem was solved when the invited person had both an email and a wordpress blog. I believe what you are telling me, but I couldn't make it work.

  6. When they receive the invitation and click the accept link, they will be prompted to create a account. Once they create their account, it will be linked with the blog that you invited them from.

  7. The problem may be that I am doing this from one computer with my own duplicate email accounts, because what you are saying does not happen. I get a WP page that has no link to anywhere. No dashboard, no tie to the MAIN blog.
    I will try this again tomorrow with my wife's email and her computer and see if the problem goes away.
    Again, I appreciate your response and your attention. I have solved my original problem by going around the roadblocks, but solving problems and understanding how things work adds spice to my life.
    The best to you, bellmikefol.

  8. That could be the problem.

    At least you found a way around it earlier. :)

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