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What Are You Listening to Now?

  1. I am too lazy to put music on at the moment so I was wondering. ..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Apparently I am also too lazy to read the thread list before I submit a new one.
    Sorry this is a duplicate. :(

  3. Made in Heaven - Queen

  4. Kiss from a Rose-Seal oh I do love that man :)

  5. @Joe - Kiss for a Rose rules.

    Down On Me- 50 Cent

  6. it is sick and so is Down On Me! Have you seen the lil guy who does a youtube video of down on me and 50 comes out of his wardrobe?-that is quality, check it out
    Now listening to a bit of Kano (old kano though) Kano-This is the Girl ft Craig David

  7. Lately I have been listening to The Last Pale Light in the West by Don Nichols. It is a perfect musical accompaniment to Cormac McCarthy's novel Blood Meridian.

  8. 50 Cent has a cover of Janis Joplin? That's a trip!

    (The Road was a beautiful read, wasn't it?)

  9. Uncertainty - The Fray
    My most favorite song in the whole world :]

  10. here's one where you can hear the words better:

  11. The rain.

  12. Machine Gun Kelly- Chip off the block......ohhhhhhhh!

  13. Drake Ft. Rihanna : Take Care

  14. I like this TI ft. Rihanna too! (I am such a dork, I don't ever hear the hits unless my students share them with me.)

  15. Silence

  16. Hampden Parks Freestyle : E- Dubble

  17. ungabungagirlw

    Everlong - Foo Fighters

    funny video

  18. Foo fighters rule top song as well. Personal favourite may have to be My Hero.
    At the moment I'm listening to Weezer-Beverly Hills

  19. phoenixtearsheal

    Lee Ann Womack singing 'I Hope You Dance'

  20. Sufjan Stevens, For The Widows in Paradise. ..

    (this song is so pretty. makes my friend want to learn to play the banjo)

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    This thread is still alive and well:

    To avoid confusion to the organization of this forum, I'll close this topic. Please continue to post in the original thread…

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