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What are you Listening to Right Now?

  1. Use this thread to post about what you're listening to right now- could be music, the sound of something happening, or not very much in particular! This will let us all to have a look at each other's musical tastes and the suchlike. Also feel free to post links :D

    I'll start...

    Right now I'm listening to 30 Seconds To Mars - Attack.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My manager try to train me about things I've already picked up myself.

  3. I am listening to Pinks, "Raise your glass." My teenage son says I'm too old and grumpy to listen to her, but I love her music. It all has good messages, has good lyrics, and a hard-driving beat. If you close your eyes and turn up the music it's almost like she's right in your face yelling at you.

  4. The Script's Science and Faith... and my brother's horrible sing-along rendition. :)

  5. The rain - the wind's making it batter into my window. Quite dramatic.

    Also I have an earworm that I wish would go away, of something from an old musical. Not only can't I remember what it is, but I don't like it!

  6. Amanda Palmer, Astronaut.

  7. Arcade Fire- Intervention

  8. The Gladiator film soundtrack, it helps me write.

  9. Limousine by Brand New epic song

  10. SILENCE!!!!

    Silence is Golden - and no, I am NOT listening to the song, the question simply reminded me!

  11. Kelly Clarkson??? Wow, Kelly Clarkson, thanks Pandora


  12. Black Eyed Peas trying to sing the Dirty Dancing Song "Time of My Life" at the beginning of their song The Time (Dirty Bit)

  13. evan and jaron - the distance, ost serendipity =">

  14. "I wanna go" Britney Spears, Pandora strikes again. I'm starting to think I listen to too much Pop, lol

  15. Definitely think you should cut yourself everytime you listen to pop, you know, you train yourself not to do so haha.

    Simple Man by Shinedown

  16. I think when I'm looking for inspiration I listen to music more meaningful, but sometimes when I'm diving into the inner depths of Writing, it's like I got enough deep-ish stuff goin through me, so I just want non thinky music goin on in the background

    Either that, or I'm really in trouble, lol

  17. If I tell you the title of this song, I'll get banned from the forums again, but I assure you, it kicks ass!

  18. 36 Crazyfists, Reviver.

  19. TRON: Legacy "C.L.U."

  20. Two stupid Essex tarts on X Factor (UK)

  21. Still with the Crazyfists... The Back Harlow Road.

  22. The Beatles "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away"

    Check out that Video if you haven't, it's awesome"

  23. Sara Bareilles - Breathe Again

  24. @Anna that is a cool song

    @Noir very nice

    Beatle's "Ticket To Ride", Sara Barelilles Breathe Again and Crazyfist The Black Harlow Road, all at once... I wouldn't recommend it

  25. Pearl Jam "Oceans"

  26. A Day To Remember, Sticks and Bricks.

  27. XXX, the movie, yeah I know, pathetic... But I need a break from Writing, ha

  28. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus :] This is my favorite song at the moment

  29. yeah buddy-Pulled apart by horses......YEAH BUDDY!

  30. The Script "Nothing" ala Pandora

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