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  1. A woman from another forum I go to just set up a site, if you are so inclined

    I think you have to have a google or blogger account to comment though.

  2. If you can't comment with Open ID, I'll never ever go to that blog. There are just too many out there that respect other bloggers more.

  3. I was disappointed too. I really don't want an account with either of those.

  4. "The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." John Seabrook

    Smartest thing I ever heard.

  5. I'll try and summarize my ghost stories for you guys...summary isn't my strongsuit though.

    I've had numerous ghostly encounters, including one with my uncle when I was 6 years old the night after he died of AIDS that is the entire foundation for my understanding of existence and my place in the universe. Life changing doesn't begin to describe it.

    Like Rain mentions, we've got the sixth-sense in our family. We share dreams and have all kinds of weird connections. There was a particularly freaky incident that occurred when, unbeknownst to me, my grandfather was passing from Alzheimer's. I was driving home and suddenly blanked out and had no idea where I was. Nothing looked familiar and I ended up panicking and pulling off the road. It took a good 5 minutes before I had any idea who I was or where I was going. He was dying and being brought partially via CPR at exactly the same moments.

    I also saw the same Grandfather's ghost playing with my son one night soon after he was born. It had been a big deal to me that he get to see my son, and sadly it didn't happen. I woke up one night and saw what looked like fat-lounge lizard Elvis Pressley floating above our son, who was cooing and giggling while "Elvis" made faces at him. Something told me this was "alright" and I quickly went back to sleep. I woke up in horror the next morning going "WTF was that???" After confessing the ordeal to my mother, I was shown pictures of my grandfather, who apparently used to do Elvis impersonations at company functions in the 70's. The costume was identical to every detail.

    I know...sounds crazy, but what can I say - I swear they all happened.

  6. Thanks for sharing kstafford. It does not sound crazy.

    Here is the scoop with my story. When I was young I lived near the house where I am now. Everyone in town knew it was haunted. My sister used to deliver papers there and always made me come with her on collection day, she hated having to go to the door. Everyone steered clear of this place.

    Well, I happened to marry into that family. When the owner became ill, I took care of her until her passing. She never told me the house was haunted, although I know many in the family passed away in it, including her. The front room is the old parlor where they would have funerals. Which was common back then. Even though I was a little apprehensive about being here, I never experienced anything that really gave me reason to think it was haunted.

    In the end, we bought the house from her son. Well, I can tell you now, that we were right all along when we were kids. It's mostly young children that come here that see "people." They never say ghost. It's either the army man, police man or the mean boy upstairs. There were 13 children living here in the 1800's. I have been able to show photo's and have the children point out the "people" they saw. But, in all, there are just too many people that have seen things happen here, to go into it. It would be a book! But that's the short of it.

    I will tell you that Halloween is tops at my house. I play it to the full extent. We even have adults running down the street. We have heard 8-9 year olds that refuse to come near it and cross the road, "That's the haunted house."

  7. reading your story I realize that I totally forgot to mention that haunted house I lived in and ultimatey my roomates and I fled from in College. We never "saw" anything there, but the experience was nasty enough that everyone we knew, parents, friends, etc. were all worried and were saying "get out of that place!!!"

    I've got to leave for work but will come back and summarize later.

  8. Bump...


  9. Oh crap - totall forgot! :)

    Okay, so in college at Towson State, a bunch of guys from my frat (and one gal we were fond of) moved into a seemingly awesome pad. The first night there I had a horrible nightmare of a black shadowy presence that was observing me in my room. It was very threatening, but it was just a dream.

    As weeks went on, I would swear something was messing with me. I'd be working out and while I was moving weights around I would hear footsteps running around upstairs. When I'd stop to listen, nothing. Later this progressed to voices and sometimes laughter. Not long after that doors would start slamming shut. I never said anything to anyone about it. I just assumed I was half-mad and left it at that. It would also mess with you while you were in the shower. While the water was running, several times I heard noises that suggested my roomates had returned home and were rough housing in the next room. The moment you turn the water off, all the voices and noises cease.

    Well, about 2 months go by and we're all out for Saturday breakfast (a tradition I insisted on), when the girl in our group broke down saying "I can't take it anymore, I can't keep quiet about it. Have any of you heard the voices?" Turns out she was hearing the same things.

    Later things got more bizarre. Weird items would turn up missing and then would be found in the most random places, like a bottle opener turning up in a never used furniture drawer in the loft, and other items showing up under people's pillows. It was alike a game.

    The final straw though came right around Halloween after we had lived there for the better part of 2 years. I was in my room all day with the flu, but it had finally broken. No one, and I mean no one else had been in there since I was sick. We decided to out boozing to celebrate my turn for the better. All of us went. When we returned I went off to bed. While trying to sleep, something told me to look up at my windows. I get chills just thinking about this. I was a typical frat boy so my windows weren't the cleanest in the world. In the dust that was covering the glass, were hundreds of little tiny hand prints, and several really large ones with hands that looked monstrous. There were also nondescript looking, emotionless faces drawn on the window.

    It freaked us out so bad we moved out the next day and paid about $1000 to break our lease.

    There's much more to the story but that's a fair summary. By the time we left enough had happened that we had a safety policy that no one was allowed in the house by themselves anymore. You had to have a buddy with you. Many guests reported feeling extremely uneasy and almost threatened just walking through portions of the house.

    I should also mention that the landlord admitted to us that he had heard/observed some of the same things and that he didn't blame us for leaving. He actually cut us a break on the amount we had to pay (it should've been much more) and mentioned that the previous owners of the house had moved because of the hauntings. He had spent 2 years renovating the place before we moved in. He sold it within a year of our moving out, and I've heard rumors that the next tennants fared no better, although I don't have any firsthand knowledge of that, only rumors.

  10. Thanks kstafford. Glad you noticed my hint :)

    Your story gave me the chills. I can't say we've had bad experiences, with a few minor exceptions, and I've never felt negativity. I think the times when I feel uneasy, I do it to myself. I'm fairly comfortable because I know it is a family home. I ignore almost everything and tell myself it was a figment of my imagination. (coping mechanism, I suppose)

    But if I experienced what you did, I'd be out of here so fast. Major Renovations are a no-no if you have a haunted house. You're just asking for trouble. Did you sleep well last night? :)

  11. Oh I've slept peacefully ever since we left. I remember feeling completely different in other houses. You could just tell a presence was gone.

    If I had more money at the time, we would've moved out sooner. We were just students though and we had to borrow form mom and dad for house fundage. That kind of rendered us stuck there. Luckily for me I failed out and started working during our stay, which prompted the discussions of "lets get the heck out of here."

    It just got worse and worse and there was a feeling of things coming to a breaking point when we were leaving.

    You make a good point about the renovations, as we deduced that changes to the house upset whatever energy was there. That's when the activity would go bonkers. The roof once collapsed in our kitchen (which was upstairs). The house was from around 1920 and the basement was off limitis to us. The entire basement was filled with religious statues and other items from both a church and a graveyard that had been relocated about a decade earlier. Yeah....think that may have had something to do with it, right there.

    One other incident i just remembered was when we had pledges over for a fraternity event. We had a rule that you didn't talk about "it" in the house. Someone, probably talking out of their ass, had told us that talking about them gives them power or something. At that point we'd believe anything if it had a chance of helping.

    Anyhow, this one pledge, feeling all beer-muscled asks about it and starts boasting about how ghosts aren't real. I shit you not, a glass in our kitchen struck the floor with a tremendous amount of force and shattered everywhere. It hit in the middle of the floor too, so it wasn't like it just fell. The thing was thrown. Folks bolted out of our house.

    There was also a light switch that it would mess with you on. It was in the same kitchen, and as you stood there washing the dishes you'd get horrible feelings of an evil presence near you. Just as they reached their pitch, the light switch on the far wall would flip off. It would do this over and over again, seemingly toying with you, and then it would stop and not happen again for months. It was so psychologically nerve wrecking once you came to terms with what you might be dealing with. I can't even explain it. You don't expect to seriously find yourself in that position, no matter how much you want to believe in ghosts. When something like that happens you tear yourself apart looking for a logical explanation and refusing to consider what is happening until you just can't anymore.

    The worst part though is that I'll never be able to prove to anyone that it happened. I lived there for years and I've got no pictures, no video, no audio. Nothing with a shred of evidence. I also never saw it. Not even a cloud or a shadow. Nothing. It was there though. I'm sure of it.

  12. I kind of toy with the idea of being an author so most of the stuff I read is related to that, you have to be a little bit selective about what you do read if you intend to write, mostly I read historical accounts, histories, non fiction stuff trying to get a "feel" for a time beyond the limits of my own lived experience.
    Diverse stuff, everything from what was happening in the Vatican at the time to world politics, migration patterns, economic climate, social values, technology available (household impliments, machinery, weapons etc.)
    I'm fortunate in a way because I live not far from the physical setting of my story, so I can check out the actual geography but it's the people, places, atmosphere and culture that I try to capture through historical accounts.
    That takes a bit of time to get "inside the head" of people who died before you were born isn't easy.

  13. sorry kstafford, I just jumped in there without reading the thread, I just read it back and that was pretty spooky alright.
    It'd be a bummer to buy a place like that huh? maybe your landlord should have rented it out by the night for people who wnat to spend the night in a haunted house, I'm sure there's a market for stuff like that.
    Were the items you mention from the church still in the basement? perhaps removing them might have been the answer.
    I'm neither a believer nor a non-believer, I like to think I have a fairly open mind about that kind of thing and I don't think it sounds like you made it up.
    I can't imagine why anyone would make something like that up and it sounds fairly typical of a lot of "poltergeist" accounts I have heard.
    Moving objects, smashing objects, taunting the living, these things aer all typical behaviours of an entity who wants the living out of "their" space.
    I understand some branches of Catholocism have had measured sucess in dealing with these things, but such an anomaly as that, it's almost a shame to be rid of it.
    I'd say if everyone experienced what you had they would all become believers in ghosts that's for sure.
    Perhaps you should write a book about it?
    Is the house still there? perhaps you could compare notes with other "survivors", it could be quite cathartic.

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