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What are you thinking?

  1. A thread to post what you are currently thinking right now (about anything). I'll start.

    Man I wish I had gotten more sleep last night.

  2. strawberry ice cream

  3. I'm so happy to be off work and ready for thanksgiving...

  4. Strawberry ice cream

  5. lol dove

  6. Whether it is possible to dislocate my jaw through yawning...

  7. Insomnia seriously sucks.... :(

  8. I wish they would hurry up & release the new wp dashboard.

  9. This commercial will answer that question for you:

    (first part's in German, then it's in English.) :-)

  10. I was thinking about what i 'm/was thinking... LOL

  11. A huge slab of meat.

  12. Cocoa with a dash of rum.

  13. If I should sleep or not.

  14. i hope this thanksgiving day doesnt become a huge stress case.

  15. I'm thinking my blog has some pretty sad ratings.

  16. I wish I could find the comment I posted here saying how much I like the new dashboard. It's nowhere to be found.

  17. i just ate too much chocolate.

  18. thinking about whether or not i should get up early tmr to go for a run... probably won't...

  19. I'm hungry.

    You should go for it meganmulder. Though, I'm not one to talk. My exercise routine has suffered significantly this year.

  20. my boss is hot

  21. my sushi buffet tomorrow =)

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