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What are you thinking about right now?

  1. I'm thinking managing two blogs doesn't leave much time for the old jobhunt. This "Blogging for Growth" thing had better strike gold pretty quick.

  2. I'm thinking "Holy fuck, this is the THIRD shower my roommate has had today, and it's only 2pm!"

  3. What sweaty/dirty things are they doing all day that you don't know about?

  4. Third shower in a single day! Obviously he wouldn't be suited to island living where from May to October it rarely rains and many wells go dry.

  5. Anyone else concerned about Rain's watching her roommate take a shower?

  6. hahaha!

  7. Not watching: standing outside hopping up and down with my legs crossed.

  8. Turn the kitchen taps on full blast (although this might make the having-to-pee issue a tad more unbearable).

  9. Yes, it would.

    I'm getting my own back, playing all the Nine Inch Nails I went out and bought. Loud. Only problem is, I can't tell if my speakers are fritzing out again or if that's how it's supposed to sound...ah, Trent, couldja lay off the faders for a bit?

  10. right now... im thinking bout my gurl fren..luvly gurlfren...mis her so much... what can u say bout this... if i not picked her up at her kg(village) next monday... i gonna see her only on wednesday.. so.. should or shouldnt i picked her from kg..

  11. @drmike
    Yes...very awkward...blech

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