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What are your foodie rules :)

  1. In food and eating, what are your 'Gotta be's' and your 'No that's sacrileges!' :? D

    Mine are -

    Bacon butties gotta have brown sauce.

    And -

    Strawberries - have to be eaten just as they come, no sugar, no cream etc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Fish on the same plate as eggs...........never!
    Butter/margarine should go right to the edges of the bread.
    Weetabix should be all mushy in the milk.
    Porridge/Oatmeal should be made with milk.

    And..........mushrooms and bananas should be OUTLAWED. Yukkity yuk! :)

  3. Marmalade must leave the jar on a SPOON. It's nothing short of barbarism to use a knife on marmalade.

    Bacon is OVEREXPOSED. So are mason jars and panna cotta. Enough, already!

    Eggs need hot sauce and tomatoes.

    Cream in coffee. Milk in tea. I actively mock people who break this rule.

  4. Coffee and tea each with milk, but no sugar.

    But of course, green tea never has any milk.

    Last 30 yrs. of my life. (Yes I do eat desserts).

  5. Nihari! I can eat tons of it. Gobhi gosht is not bad too.
    And Biryani Aah I hate it because of overeating it besides fatty acids.

  6. I did a blog post awhile back about pretentious foodies.

  7. roughseasinthemed

    @ Raincoaster. Interesting take on the foody thing. But, some of us actually call courgettes, courgettes, because that's we call them (in the UK). The corollary would be why call rocket aragula? Or coriander cilantro? I take your point it was tongue in cheek, but as ever, linguistic differences rear their head.

    I can't bear tomatoes and eggs together. Never could. Whether warm or cold.

    Coffee has to be strong and black, tea has to be weak (and black, or rather just extremely pale). No sugar. With anything.

    Roast potatoes are far better par-boiled and then forked up to crispiness before going in the oven.

    French dressing is mustard (for thickness), extra virgin olive oil (for flavour), and vinegar/lemon juice for sharpness. The vinegar is red wine or de Jerez.

    All brassicas need minimum cooking.

  8. J.Describe your dinner party hors d’oeuvres of white toast and Cheez Whiz as “brushetta.”

    Funny. I actually find it annoying when some aspiring chef, likes to refer a sauce reduction or left-over thicker juice as "jus". All these years, I've been saying sauce or similar that's been boiled off.

    OR instead of saying "stir fried", say sauteed. However anyone who understands real Chinese cooking goumet style knows there are actually 4-5 different flash stir-frying techniques. Now, I'm getting foodie-snobbish.

    Savory steamed egg custard with steamed beef with soy in dish ...yes sitting in a "steam bath", is a healthy delicious way to have eggs. (No sugar is used). It's a Chinese home dish..rarely served in restaurants.

    Freshly picked (local) asparagus takes less than 5 min. to cook. We discovered that yesterday. I've been wrong all these years, buying older asparagus.

  9. Sure, but that blog is for an American audience. I think there is one person in all of Europe who reads it, and she has NO MATCH on the planet when it comes to pretension. I think she uses the Latin names for things.

  10. Hmmm. Let's see. I'm in the South and not a great cook but, as far as I can tell, the rules are as follows:

    1..Boil all vegetables until they no longer have any color in water with half a pound of bacon and/or 1 stick of butter.

    2. All meat should be dredged in flour and fried in oil. No, wait. Lard is better.

    3. Tea should be served cold and with enough sugar so that it almost requires chewing.

    4. Grits go with everything.

  11. I eat whole foods only - no food products containing any additives or supplements. Read more here > Forbidden Foods for Fibromyalgia

  12. @momfog
    LOL :D

  13. I'm not a fan of brown sauce, I'm more of a red sauce man, and any sausage or bacon sandwich has to be covered in it :D

    I think that's the only rule really.. that and fish and chips need lots of salt and vinegar.

  14. My food rule is - I will never put food into my mouth that looks like it might have met a 1960s cheese fondu kit...

  15. Cheese fondue is the bomb!

    A day without chili is like a day without sunshine. Only far less common on the West Coast.

  16. Yeah it might be but not if it's arrived in a 1960s pan... urghk.

  17. Scrambled eggs have to be like rubber,
    and omlettes have to be finished under the grill, so they rise,
    So that's no runny parts in the eggs for both :)

  18. Yuk! Eggs should be cooked until all snottiness has gone. *retch retch* :(

  19. Food should never be alive.

  20. Yeah. I hate live lettuce.

  21. Salmon sandwiches should be on white bread and spread thin. Oh, and it should be tinned salmon with a sprinkling of vinegar and white pepper.

  22. You should never eat more than you can hold in your hands at a sitting.

  23. Chocolate candy should be at least 80% cocoa/real chocolate.

    Caramel and taffy is a hassle to eat.

    Be careful eating a poppyseed dessert and smiling at the same time: you could embarrass yourself.

    Less than 1/4 glass of wine when on a biking tour among wineries.

  24. Use leftovers as a new meal, otherwise you may as well have a frozen meal heated up, Ew.

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