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What are your goals for your blog?

  1. Are you hoping to make friends? Gather a loyal following?
    Promote your products? Rant? Hone your writing skills? Meet other bloggers?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Tell some personal stories for the world, if they care. Occasionally "chat" online with other bloggers.

    But no, I wasn't counting on making friends. But it's nice to have met a few folks via ..words. :)

    No, I don't see it as a place to hone my writing skills. I want my stuff readable and nice to look at. That's all.

  3. My blog keeps evolving. I started it as a marketing tool to reach out to potential employers. When I landed a job, I decided to keep it going and it became a personal journal. People started to read it, and then it became a big-boy blog.

    I don't know what my goals are. I guess to keep writing things that people like to read. And maybe meet some new people. If I'm lucky, it will help me network when I return to the states at the end of my contract.

  4. eatingdisorderstuff

    I use my blog as a tool of expression with my eating disorder/eating disorder recovery, but ever since my viewers skyrocketed up to 1000 viewers a day, I hope to write more informational pieces instead to spread awareness/reality about living with eating disorders.

  5. hutchagoodlife

    My blog is because I love animals and I love writing. It fascinates me to try to imagine what animals are thinking and write from 'their' point of view. Really it's for me to improve my writing but if people like reading it then that's great too.


  6. Well, obviously I love reading. And I like talking about what I read. A lot. So I decided to start a blog where I talk about what books I'm reading, what books I will be reading and other things to do with the YA genre. This made my family happy because I wasn't talking about books all the time, but now whenever they come through the door it's not "Guess what happened in [a book]!". Instead it's, "You'll never guess where I got a view from today!"

    So other than the fact that I'm trying not to annoy my family and friends talking about books constantly, I guess the goals for my blog would be to build up a loyal following of fellow book lovers as well as hone my writing skills. So far, so good.

  7. It's interesting to get some new perspectives - it seems to be an evolving thing for many of you. It's a good way to get feedback from people who are interested in what you are interested in - a good way to network, a good way to vent, and a good way to interact with people all over the world. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy writing poetry - that is a real surprise to me. I used to only write the obligatory 'Remembrance Day' versions in high school - so I guess my blog and writing are evolving as I go as well.

  8. poetry blog: To share amateur poetry with friends, that thy may read them at there discretion. I do not care about stats on my poetry blog, but I'm thrilled when I get visitors anyway.

    meaning and wellness blog: To make information available via web that I wish I had myself when I was younger: mental health and stress management stuff that is free.
    To get your info "outthere" you have to constantly update a site with a blog and pander your voice to search engines. So thats what i do.


    Next Blog... (as of yet still unwritten and in the think tank) goal: World Domination.

  9. thistimethisspace

    My personal goal is to overcomeng challenges through skillful means, and living the simple life to the fullest. My blog contains many techniques I use for transforming my life including:

    Practical information on conscious living, food, health, personal development and well-being;
    Simple methods used to reduce stress and to control pain (aromatherapy, herbal medicine, massage, meditation);
    Inspiring articles mindfulness practice, gratitude practice, yogic breathing, relaxation techniques, Buddhist meditations.
    Affirmations and articles on art therapy, creative visualization, emotional healing, happiness, internet relationships, love, sensuality, and spirituality;
    Tools and techniques for decluttering, self-improvement, goal setting and time management.

    I don't have any goals with regard to meeting other people or racking up followers, but I do value every comment. I have no intention of ever using my blog to market anything.

  10. thistimethisspace

    SIGH ... my app isn't working.

    Edit: My personal goal is to overcome challenges through skillful means and live the simple life to the fullest.

  11. strawberryindigo

    I blog because I am practicing my writing; I want to be a writer when I grow up, also it's fun and if I didn't blog, my creativity would explode all over the place and make everythng sticky. Yuck, what a mess it would be.

  12. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy writing poetry - that is a real surprise to me

    So glad you discovered this. :)
    I, too was pleasantly surprising how blogging ignited a buried love of writing and natural sense of simple art composition by selecting, adjusting and embedding photos into a pleasing composition.

  13. I love reading comics and I love talking about them. It's that simple, really. I've been using WordPress for 5 years now, and it's weird how my goals evolved. My first blog started out as a simple one where I just posted about, oh, movies, TV shows, comics, etc. Basically a personal opinion blog. But then I noticed a lot of people interested in webcomics were coming to my site for opinions.

    So I started a second blog that was all webcomics. What can I say? It's kinda fun running a dedicated blog posting about nothing but webcomics (though I've been branching out to classic comics lately). It's sorta developed a little community of dedicated readers, been linked to some more well-read blogs, and it's grown from being just about me to commentary on a tiny little industry. I probably would've quite two or three years ago, but the readers keep bringing me back. As long as there are people out there who'll come to my blog and post comments about comics with me, I'm totally happy.

    That said, my current goal is to see if I can average 3,000 readers a day. :)

  14. My goal is to entertain people with my thougths and experiences. I try to keep it as clean as possible and that's about it. It's nice to talk to people and have them expand on your posts but I'm not here to make friends, not to be mean but it's just safer that way to stay annonymous I mean. It's also a good way to let out my irritations on people and such.

  15. Mine has been used to entertain people and to further my own career. I use my blog, often times, as sort of a portfolio, and it works nicely as such, considering my style of writing.

  16. Get it to it's one year anniversary and continue to be as bitter and hateful as I've always been.

  17. My main goal is to have a record of my travels so I can go back and read it in a few years time. I have a terrible memory and can barely remember holidays from 3 years ago.

    As I've written the blog for myself and haven't given it out to friends and family, I can write whatever I like and haven't had to censor myself. The nice thing is that I've had a few people find my blog and message me to say they enjoy which is nice.

  18. roughseasinthemed

    When I first started out, mine was literally to share information about moving abroad so that other people might avoid some of the mistakes we made. - Not buying a surge protector being a big one!!

    Now it's more sharing information about the place(s) I live in, with up-to-date news, photos, and a personal perspective. But you know that anyway!! I do enjoy publishing news posts before the local media update their on-line pages, I get a competitive kick out of that.

    Discussion is key, I really enjoy the comments I get (the old, comments v hits argument). Clouds is about discussion too, but random topics rather than current news. Land Rover blog is about sharing maintenance info - and pix. Dog blog is about writing with a different style, ie anthropomorphism. Not sure I have any goals for the pic blog, more of an outlet for photos with a story attached.

    I've said what the blogs are about, but those are also my goals if any, ie why I'm doing it.

    I flicked back on some old posts recently and really enjoyed reading them as I'd totally forgotten the stories. Then it truly becomes a web log aka a diary. It wasn't the reason I started it but it is great now to look back.

  19. Poetry blog - just because I love writing.

    Journeys blog - was started to be for nature and archiitectural journeys, but has temporarily become also for the survival of my sanity whilst all the months of indoor alterations are going on, after that I hope to return to my initial idea.

    Garden blog - I've just made this one public; I write it because I love gardens and planting, being with nature etc., and I've opened it just to share with other garden and nature-lovers really :D

  20. I have a photography blog , mainly just to connect with other photographers , and to share experiences along the way - I held off for a long time, but then realized it was yet another social media tool to share my work , daily ramblings and be a homeplace for my summer project I am working on . it may be nothing more than an online journal for myself , but at least I know I had the guts to actually hit the "submit "button ..

  21. My ultimate goal is to have some fun and in the process try to help & entertain people with it while I'm at it.

    Which, amazingly enough, works quite well so far.

  22. The goal of my art blog, well to post my art and at least have a few people like it. I generally use deviant art for my artwork but I have a few friends with blogs who aren't on deviant art who I wanted to share my work with and then thought having a blog would be a useful thing. The blogs got a few followers other than people who I already knew and it's doing good. I think I've reached my goal for it.
    For my blog on skepticism, the goal is to create interesting and mildly informative posts. I get a few comments but the goal is to get more people commenting and sharing their opinions. I want to have more discussions on the blog.

  23. I want to share my music with a few movie reviews too.

  24. World domination. Maybe meet some hot chicks too.

  25. When you dominate the world, can I have Belguim?

  26. Sell my book. May publish in Belgium first, because Pete will rule everyone must buy.

    But then visas will be a thing of the past if mooselicker rules one world!

  27. It will be law for everyone to buy your book when I'm given Belgium! We'd still need visas, need to keep all the people that listen to dance music somewhere. Possibly Greenland, who even lives there?

  28. Actually, we are quite popular in Greenland, so someone lives there!

  29. I want to improve my writing skills and hopefully gain a following. I also want to get inspired by the Word Press community. I'm fairly new to blogging and unfortunately so far I'm finding it hard to feel a sense of community on here!

  30. Welcome to WordPress :)

    Hows that for community?

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