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What are your goals for your blog?

  1. I used to blog a ton, and had formed relationships with many other bloggers. I would love to get back to that point - using my blog for a platform of communication. And, of course, as a way of improving my writing.

  2. Well, right now I'm wondering about changing my theme. Pretty pragmatic right now. But am very picky.

    But that's all. I've given my orginal objectives which is still relevant.

  3. share my life through the lens of my camera, get comments and likes of the people who read my posts.

    have more hits per day and have more followers :)

  4. Well, I have several blogs... is my personal blog where I post "deep thoughts" sorta stuff, technical solutions I use frequently (so I don't lose them) and memories about my childhood, so that some day my kids can read them, and see who I was, if (god forbid) I am not around... Aside from that, I'm hoping to talk to other bloggers who just like to read about goofy junk. :D is sorta my field notes on becoming a master beer brewer. I'm a LONG way off from that goal, so for now I do a lot of beer reviews, in the hopes that I can bring craft beer into the lives of the folks who think they hate beer, based on big label beer distributors like Budweiser. My goal (ultimately) for this blog is to create a community of home brewers in New England, although I haven't done a whole log to accommodate that... just yet..

    I have another blog, but it's anonymous. That blog is to blow off professional steam in an anonymous atmosphere, so that my clients don't know I'm bitching about them! Can't tell you what that site is, but just stay vigilant, I'm sure you'll find it.

  5. My art site which started off life as a blog was just to get some attention to my art. Then it turned into a bloggy thing and I had some great communications with my readers (and some friends) and now it's back to its original.

    However, there'll be a new blog starting soon, and I'll talk about that then. ;)

    @mattconlon - your blogs look interesting, but I think you're self-hosted, aren't you? These forums are just for The two are different.

  6. Sorry about that, I misunderstood. Thought all wordpress blogs were fair game. That not being the case though, I did recently move another blog of mine to non self-hosted, and I'll continue to promote that blog instead of the self-hosted.

    Sorry about that, I'm kinda thick headed at time. :)

  7. So uh... My goal for the blog I have hosted with wordpress is really just a creative outlet for me as an IT guy, but also so that I could also try to develop some skills with Gimp...

  8. I started because I was angry, and needed to vent. People enjoyed it, and seemed to commiserate. I figure I'll just keep doing it.

  9. My unrealistic goal is for my blog to one day become a household name. Like Google

    My realistic goal is to crack 10,000 posts!

  10. My latest, , is an attempt to motivate myself in writing a novel. I've got a really good story but I need to keep going with it. I'm hoping that I'll get followers who will nag me to keep going! hehehehehehe.

    My other blog, , is now on the back burner but was a character based vehicle for trying out comedy material.

    I reaaly do need a kicking for the novel though... If I finish it, then the blog will have served it's purpose.

  11. theinsanityaquarium

    It helps to keep me sane. It helps me to think I am actually able to create something even slightly interesting, in my otherwise dire existence of greyness and toast.


  12. 1. To amuse
    2. To spite
    3. To practice my typing skills
    4. To read other amusing entries
    5. To read entries that could potentially bore me to death... and go on to the next
    6. To elicit reactions
    7. To vent my angry energies (keyboard's the first to suffer)
    8. To find people with similar interests/ideas
    9. To pass the time
    10. To make me realize how I've grown, how much improvement do I need still, and how people can potentially see me through what I write (my level of narcissism is a bit above the normal dose)

  13. To have a place to be honest.
    To vent, and hopefully gain perspective.
    To reach others and hear others, on the realities of how life is vs how it was imagined.
    Maybe, just maybe, to get myself writing again.

  14. I am an aspireing alternative model in Chicago. I basically write to inspire others to be themselves. To be unique and have their own style and not to worry about what others think of them. If I inspire just one person I've reach my goal :)

  15. by the way, please do read what goes on inside my mind.

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