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What are your highlights for this past year?

  1. My highlights are starting Cosmetology school and having my blog follow me as well also being able to share a connect with people who share similar goals

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Welcome to You can read about my 2011 highlights in my personal blog

  3. In the blogging world, getting Freshly Pressed was a highlight! Also graduating and getting a new job feature quite high on the list :)

  4. Getting my family HOME was my highlight!

  5. Starting 3 Blogs This year, especially my Main Blog, The Written Word, and The Dark Globe my News Paper-esq/Artists Come Together Type Blog

    Starting, and Finishing my First Ever Novella within my Main Blog... Though it is only a First Draft, it still felt good to finish it.

    Completing the Content for a small poetry book, and moving towards Self Publishing it

    Christmas and Thanks Giving, always my Favorite time of the Year

    Hmm.. Ah yes, and this is Huge, Connecting with the WordPress Community... Something I haven't had success with in the past was finding a Writing/Artist's Community where I could Connect, share, and experience others work, as well as have some fun socially... It's a relief to be around other Artists... People that aren't Artists don't quite understand the Pain, and the Passion that goes into it... Good to be around you guys


  6. I didn't know you had 3 blogs, darkjade. You're busy. We share something: I have 3 blogs too.

    2011 highlights: Hmmm I don't know if it can be distillated to 3 major highlights since I've sustained some major serious stuff.

    Got a home I really like. Am so grateful it's close to all the things I need. Dearie likes it too.
    Settling into my current job in a totally different province.
    Getting to know my long-time friends even more deeply. (Sounds wierd since these are long time friends.) starting up a 3rd blog which to me, is an extremely small accomplishment against some bigger serious personal life adjustments. But something everyone here can relate well.

  7. @Maid How are you Maid... Yeah, originally I was doing everything in Written Word, then as a way to Focus on a Specific attempt at a Novel, I created a 2nd Blog... And also brought on a Couple other Writers to keep the Blog interesting... The Third Blog gives me the opportunity to focus on my Journalism as opposed to Creative Writing, and I'm working with a bunch of Writers on the Site... And a Photographer, so it's been great... I'm afraid I must have too much time on my hands, as I created a 4th Blog today, lol... But it's specifically for some Music stuff... Not so much Writing on it... But, before August of this year, when I started my First, I hadn't done any Writing in over 4 years... So, I suppose I'm making up for lost time


  8. darkjade: I wrote a guest blog post on timethief's blog, on how each blog of mine was conceived and their purpose.

    Blogging is like a form of writing addiction, eh? :)

  9. skinnygirlrobbins

    I would say loosing 35 lbs has been the highlight of my year. It's the most I have ever lost and I feel GREAT...both physically and mentally.

  10. My highlights have to be the time I spent with family and friends.... thats all I really want to remember. I've really learnt to appreciate the people in my life this year.

  11. Funny you should ask. I just wrote a post about it! Highlights of Momfog 2011.

  12. I just published my year end post for one blog and it's here > 2011: Thanks for the Memories

  13. Definitely starting a blog. Not only am I doing something I am passionate about but get to be around others with similar interest.

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