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What are your Last Three Posts about?

  1. Sometimes people miss one of your Posts, this gives you a chance to make sure people are all caught up.

    My Last one - Sleeper - Courtney Starfire

    Because sometimes a Spy where's Heels

    and in Part Two of Sleeper, this Spy does.

    Sleeper Part One of my New Blog Series, Sleeper. I thought I'd give a Spy Story a go.

    I.D.O. Chapter VI - Taking Flight

    “You Must Seek The Truth… It is Inherent in you”

    “From This Truth… Will come Love…”

    “From this Love… You will Fly Free”


    Mady Takes Flight in Chapter VI of my Writing Project, "I Died Once".

    The blog I need help with is

  2. i dont have three posts yet. i only have 1. its my first post.

    very first post. a poem.

    my poetry blog is about philosophy, meditation, and all things which do not exist.

  3. *wears heels, lol, oh well

  4. Mine are findings by the road side. Some curiosities, awesome wooden carvings etc.

  5. @Sartenada nice photo's, and cool that you Write Descriptions in Three Languages

  6. signaturealamode

    The difference between a purse and a handbag
    Little Black Dress
    Dress Up Fridays (instead of casual day)

    @sartenada - great photos

  7. @Sig cute topics


  8. blackfrangipani

    Here are my last three posts:

    Capturing a piece of the past: a necklace called Romance

    Stepping back in time in beautiful Gion, Kyoto

    I received the Versatile Blogger Award

    Thanks for starting this thread, DarkJade. Your stories are good.

  9. @Black Thanks Black, I like your Blog


  10. I just wrote chapter one of a chronicle called Zombie Tales. But I don't know if it's any good? Can you have a look?

  11. DarkJade - Chill - Chillen to Tunage

    Dark Rider - Rumble at the Village of Mond - Drow (Dark Elves) vs. Dark Rider and his Crew

    Captain Fire 197 - Alone on Kalnos 9 - Things Heat up with Jono and Nisho

  12. dlcsmanagement

    Duck breastDuck breast
    Well it's about my cravings for duckmeat & a recipe

    On life.On life.

    a Henry Miller quote & my way to live :)

    Musicheta about food IIIMusicheta about food III

    Songs about food. Tips anyone?????

  13. Making Beef Stock, Teamwork and a comparison of Canada & Italy.

  14. On my Quirky Monkey Blog I've got reviews of Herbal Essences, a body scrub and a blistex lip balm.

    On my personal blog however I wrote about chiquitos, driving (or not driving it seems) and before that I wrote about the excitement of driving hahaha. 3rd post was about my happy day full of financial happiness!

  15. evillatenighttv

    Well, technically not about anything, but they show pictures of things:

    Dew drops and a spiderweb
    A post in a field
    A dog,a cat's ear, and some bubble wrap

  16. @Evil ahh forgive me, I wasn't intending to exclude Photo Blogs, not at all... Besides, Photo's to tell a Story, do they not, lol

  17. evillatenighttv

    @Dark I didn't take it as being excluded. I just meant it as a little heads up. That way people wouldn't click expecting to read a story about dew drops and a spiderweb.

  18. @Evil ha, cool

    Dark Rider - Moving On... Rodomor - A bit of Peace Between Adventures... And, some changes

    Captain Fire 197 - Reflections - Nisho deals with the Crew's Reaction to her and Jono's Moment, and Captain Fire has some Shocking News

    Chess Vs. Yourself - A bit of Introspecting

  19. Dark, Fire... Light - The Path From Dark, to Light

    The Dark Globe - Once Upon a Time... In Review - A Review of ABC's new Television Series, Once Upon a Time

    Dark Rider - Heroes Calling
    - Trouble to the North

  20. *woops, messed up the Link for the Review - The Dark Globe - Once Upon a Time... In Review

  21. blackfrangipani

    Kyoto Kitchen: a sensory delight - My October visit to Kyoto. All photos were taken with an iPhone.

    Waves: form and movement - My latest collection of cuffs

    Capturing a piece of the past - reinterpreting Victorian fashion

  22. Sharing a new macro shot - Pink

    Stoli had no idea how to mix a drink - What?!

    First month of blogging update - One Month in

  23. My last three posts for the forty day challenge:

    Day eighteen: I'm craving
    Day nineteen: I want to get
    Day twenty: I can

  24. The Dark Globe - Contact... And, Connect

    Many of us get caught up in Our Own Heads… Which makes perfect since, being Our Minds are Monumentally Powerful, and generally Demand the Utmost of our Attention…

    But Our Minds, are Not All of who we are…

    The Mind Chronicles - Volume Four

    All seems to slow down as the blue eyed form briskly tears towards Jarod, who’s now lifting the Plasma Rifle, and trying to capture it in the scope…

    The Mind Chronicles - Volume Three

    Jarod is abruptly awoken by three Outpost Guards “Hey Merc… You appear to have lead a Blue Eyed Breed right to our Outpost… Now get out there and kill it…”.


  25. Last three posts are all photography related:

    Boston by Christmas Light - a walk through downtown boston (with photos) the night of the Christmas Tree lighting

    Some lessons I learned during a disastrous photo outing

    Skyward - A hike through the Arnold Arboretum outside of Boston.

  26. Hitting 50 posts

    A few more ideas to make my December less boring

    And just for fun, a few summery drink recipes to help keep the winter away!

  27. My blog is about photography (or more specific my photos ;))

    The latest is about a music festival in Vienna

    A freshly picked bouquet of wild mountain flowers

    and a shot out of an airplane onto the andes between Argentina and Chile

  28. My last three posts cover a range of topics I tend to blog about all the time: writing and reading and how those elements dovetail into the profession. The first post deals with how a writer must decide WHICH story to write, and when:

    I Could Write This Story All Day Long, But I Won't

    The next post covers my trip to Fort Griffin and a little photolog included:

    On the Banks of the Clear Fork

    And finally, a review of Victor Hugo's classic novel, Les Miserables:

    Les Miserables: "Hunger comes with love."

  29. Ooh, provocative title, kennethmarkhoover.

    Today I was really depressed and coudn't write a word so I just posted the saddest movie clip I could find. :(

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