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What are your Last Three Posts about?

  1. I talked about the paranormal and why people do and don't believe in it. I also talked about what turning seventeen meant to me, and encouraged people to help others out in a helping community.

  2. A shot of an empty street scene in Paris with a little poem

    The dramatic story of a german tourist group that fell over the Iguazu falls to their death accompanied with pictures of my trip to the falls

    A few pictures of Europe's largest open air festival located on an island in the danube (3 million visitors in 3 days)

    Thanks for checking it out!

  3. The first guest poster I've had, reviewing Lynx for all you guys out there.

    A review about a yummy-smelling face mask

    Telling people how to contact me if they would like to guest post

    Check out my post about guest blogging and contact me on the email address shown if you're interested! :)

  4. Well, my blog so far has been telling stories about my family and me - trying to find some perspective at this point in my life.

    Last two were about my parents.
    The third was about my first marathon.

    (And if you read about the first marathon, know that the second marathon, which was two weeks ago, did go better.) :)

  5. A shot of mountains piercing through the clouds

    An hommage to the person of the year - the protester

    Shots I did a long time ago - friends of mine jumping over skijumps

  6. phoenixtearsheal

    @ berealhappy - one of my last three posts includes a nomination for your blog :)
    here -

  7. phoenixtearsheal

    @ laavventura - I nominated yours too :)

  8. diaryofakiwigirl

    A letter to my younger self: Returning to the past

    Something I hate waking up to: Day thirty five

    Something I like playing: Day thirty four

  9. Story of Tears!
    I love you,but”I’m not not in love with you”!
    Mixed Messages!

  10. my last three posts were all about blackkberry apps

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