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What are your true feelings about your blog and you began one

  1. beautykissesforalex

    I want you guys to share with me how you really feel about your blog and Why you started a blog. You can keep it simple. I started mine to have a strong memory of beauty school:)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I figured I needed more feedback on my photographs.

  3. I started my blog because I want to write about things I has evolve to many things now,my blog is so random...hence the name Polychrome Interest.

    I also have a turtle blog which is more famous than my own blog in term of comments. They have their own loyal readers.

  4. I started my Blog to get in the Habit of Writing everyday... Also as a way to get some outside perspectives on my Writing


  5. I was bored and lonely...

  6. I am embarrassed to say why I started. Needless to say, it doesn't really matter anymore. Now it's like writer's crack to me. . .I can't seem to stop. . .

    (like plumber's crack, but frillier and with a tramp stamp!)

    I have a lot of false starts in my draft folder too. A lot of them. And I procrastinate like crazy.

  7. I used to put photo albums on fb but I realized I couldn't do what I really wanted to do . A blog was perfect since I could write about my travels, put photos and present it like a journal and custom my space as I wished. It was more for myself, besides my personal journals, to have this space on the internet and outside of fb.

    Since I discovered the blogging world it's crazy how much I learn everyday. I read about people that live miles away from me and don't share the same culture. It's awesome. But as tessf says, I'm procrastinating like crazy. Well, at least I'm learning things at the same time :D

  8. Because I figured that I was good enough to be enjoyed by others. A heh.

  9. I felt like I had something to say to someone other than myself in the mirror. And each post made me feel like I accomlished something.

    It's very good therapy to be able to put thoughts out there and know that someone else will read them.

  10. Guess I started writing a blog because I wanted to write, especially to an audience and people that shared common interests. I love writing and a blog is a great place for that, no prizes there! I suppose I had selfish intentions though as I wanted my writing to be liked and celebrated by others, but isn't that what we all want?
    At the moment I feel I don't write enough and want more views on my blog-how to achieve this is hard work but it's a fun challenge and one that I hope one day will pay off. Thanks for the forum

  11. I have 3 blogs. I wrote about the reasons why for each one for a guest blog post at timethief's blog a few wks. ago:

  12. Do you REALLY want to know?

  13. Yes.

  14. strawberryindigo

    I love to write.

  15. I feel like my blog is an escape for me. When I get upset or have a lot of emotion I like to write. I started this blog because I had a blog before but I felt it was way too random and I wanted a more specific topic. Unfortunately my blog still can be very random, but that's also because it seems that you only write for you. I don't get comments from people or even questions on my blog (well anyone that is outside my family really) and I don't have many views. So I guess I just write for me and because I can.

  16. kennethmarkhoover

    I admit at first I didn't think a blog would be beneficial. But all my friends kept after me, and given my profession (writer) I guess it's not too surprising I would eventually turn to one.

    I started off at Live Journal but it became so wonky years ago I started a mirror blog here at WP. When I finally decided to bail on LJ (still wonky) I came to WP and now I blog exclusively here about my life as a writer...and just my life.

    I admit I enjoy doing it. I didn't think I would. But you find friends you trust and like and you develop purer and trusted connections. I find that valuable, and those are some of the reasons I blog.

  17. phoenixtearsheal

    It's nice when others visit but I started my blog as a place to write, and to try out my new hobby of taking nature pictures, so I don't mind really, especially as I'm one of those people who find it much easier to cope with nature than with people lol, people are much more scary :-) I like WordPress because it also gives us Newly Pressed so now I like to look at other people's blogs too. I'm not keen on commenting though :-) and find emails worrying, both because of the technology and because I'm not good at talking to people, so I just delete them; that may sound awful but it's not, as it's better to say nothing than to get in a mix up with words or say the wrong thing. I am learning that it's better to not starting following someone's blog too soon, that it's better to wait to see the types of things they write about, or then I feel mean if I decide I have to stop following them. I tend to look at the bloggers who write and/or take nature photo's, also some Christian bloggers with me being a Christian and all :-)

  18. I write on my review blog because I LOVE buying toilletries (honestly I have 4 drawers FULL and had two shelves put up in my room for more) and I always like knowing if a product is good before I buy it so I thought I'd help people out that want to know the same information.
    I also don't often review expensive products. I buy my products from Boots, Superdrug and Tesco and I love getting stuff on offers so it's more for the high street brands :)

    I started my personal blog because I wanted to document my new college course (when I thought I was going to be doing nails) but then I got onto general beauty therapy so I don't get photos of facials etc. so it became just a general blog. I enjoy writing about what I do and writing the random things down that I don't necessarily think of in 12 months time. Such as the time my boyfriend set my house alarm off at 6am. Still makes me giggle.
    So yeah. I enjoy writing :)

  19. I can't remember why I started a blog. It was probably so I could go into Starbucks, whip out my laptop and look intelligent.

  20. @emma that sounds pretty standard to me :)

  21. I started one because I had so many story ideas whizzing around my head that I had to do SOMETHING with them or my head was going to explode. Plus, I needed to continue writing in between graduating and getting a job, so that I didn't start writing liek dis.

  22. I just started! I love writing and I wanted to share my work :)

  23. Just started because I love to write, and I like to have somewhere specific that people actually go to read my thoughts :) I started an old blog simply to vent. Now I use my blog to relax, to share writing, and to HAVE FUN! :)

  24. I am starting to really dislike my job, which I feel guilty about since I make over $100K a year. I have always had a passion for creative writing/satire so I decided that I would start my own humor/parody site in hopes that I could eventually turn it into a full time thing. I'm sure that's a pipe dream for most people and who knows what will happen down the road, but I just can't picture myself spending the rest of my life jailed in a cube.

    It's been tough, since I work my regular job, then come home to spend time with the family and THEN start working on the week's posts at 9pm. I don't go to sleep until a bit after midnight and then do it all again the next day. But, the 80 hits a day I've been getting has been a great reward so far and I feel far more satisfied doing my writing than sitting in meetings all day that don't interest me.

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