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What arethe "how many text widgets" and "how many category widgets" options for?

  1. I've changed these numbers from 1 to 3 and back and did not notice a difference on my blog.


  2. it will only show when you put something in the text widget itself (text, image, etc).

  3. The widgets turn up in the widget box at the bottom of the Widget page. They won't be in your sidebar until you drag them in.

  4. I'm curious about this function too. I added a second Cateagory widget to my page in the hopes that I could have two sets of categories, but it just shows the same thing as the first one. So I'm wondering, what could possibly be the point of putting two category widgets on your page?

    Very curious! Thanks :)

  5. the short answer is that we don't know why there are multiple identical categories widgets and how they are meant to be used - if you need more clarity only staff can provide it

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