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What Books Do You Have Close by?

  1. OK so hopefully this hasn't been asked yet. . .

    I have got a massive pile of ungraded ENG 101 essays here. . . a magazine-style soup cookbook, some kind of self- help last -ditch single girl thing with a title much too cheesy to mention. . .and "The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath."

    Doesn't get much more desperate than that.

    What you got?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oxford dictionary of synonyms and antonyms :p

  3. "Your Guide To EBS" volumes 1 through 6...
    "Beginners Guide To NMDS-SC"

    Books about systems we support at work but books I have no need for but they are there simply to fill space and make me look professional while I search on eBay and for pretty things.

  4. I have entire bookshelf of books right next to me. A lot of them are between novel classics and fantasy with some added fiction. I have my entire collection of antique Shakespeare books. Not forgetting I still have my university business text books. In addition to that, I have my Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus.

  5. My God, we are nerds extrodinaire! xoxo

    I forgot to say the Dylan picture book on my coffee table. . .I think I was using it as a coaster though so that doesn't count.

    Is there a Finnegan's Wake in the house? :)

  6. extrordin. ..extrodin. .
    Oh, hell, hand me that Oxford Dictionary, won't you, Noirciplume.
    And the magnifying glass too. ;)

    Anybody got an OED?

  7. Several Small Antique Shakespeare Books, Several Screenplays Written by other people, of Films that were made into Movies, such as "L.A. Confidential" and "Love Actually". Several Books on Film Making, one about George Lucas, one about Ridley Scott. A "How To Write and Market Your Screenplay" type book, which is very good. I believe I have a Conan book up there, which I haven't read, but I do love the Conan Character. "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", which I haven't read... A hand full of Manga Books. That's all I can recall atm.

  8. Oooh, Antique Shakespeare. That sounds so classy. I love that.

    So what's your screenplay about/going to be about? ;)

  9. "Hungry Planet" by Peter Menzel; my notebook of class notes from college, and my passport.

  10. Oxford concise dictionary of linguistics, Oxford dictionary, Makers of Modern Theatre, Signs of performance, The Hobbit (sick book) and The Kite Runner and poo loads more....

  11. It's good to see most bloggers have an Oxford Dictionary nearby ;) hehe

  12. Lolz i dont need an dictshunary :)

    Now I'm home on my book shelf is a whole load of Goosebumps books, Shivers (A poormans Goosebumps), Discworld novels, Tom Holt novels, Angel novels, Peter Kay, The Rock, Jack Dee and Karl Pilkington's biographies, a few horrible history books from when I was a lad and a Holy Bible that I stole from some hotel...

  13. And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks by Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs. I'm almost done with it, though. I've been trying to read all the Beat generation stuff. Ginsberg is next.

  14. Two books everyone needs in life a Karl Pilkington biography and a Bible-pretty standard stuff I'd say....

  15. "Hot Springs" of Stephen Hunter, a Civil Law Code, an Intellectual Property Law code, and a dissertation on repression of counterfeiting networks on my desk.
    I don't have an Oxford but a Longman Dictionary on my shelf :D

  16. An Idiot Abroad is pretty much a bible in itself :)

  17. @ Pete, I love that you have angels and a stolen holy bible. ..just let them duke it out on the shelves there and see who wiins. ..
    @wearpositive. . . kerouac and burroughs, huh? i totally missed out on that one.
    ginsberg next. ..nice! have you ever seen the videos where he tries to sing his poems?

    those are priceless. .. he's surrounded by this bunch of adoring groupies on musical accompaniment. ..

    That was some kind of crush he had on Dylan too. .."So what's the strangest thing you have ever done?" "Hey, I wouldn't do that to you, Man." (from that interview in San Francisco, the one where he gets indicted for abandoning folk music.)

  18. Just to clarify, I love Ginsberg.

    My mom gave me a book recently. ..his advice to writers. ..great stuff. if I could only remember where I put that. It was great!

    Here's him singing. The only guy who could pull this off:

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