what can be done about stolen posts?

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    i opened my dashboard this evening to find an incoming link from i sight i didnt recognize…it seems that this site re-posted my post without permission/notification/saying where they got it from/etc…

    is there anything that can be done about this? or because i posted it, i am SOL?


    my blog: http://hntfor3.wordpress.com
    stolen post found at: http://hugenaturalboobs.net/huge-natural-boobs-w/?p=1791




    I suggest you ignore them. You’ll find one today and likely a dozen other sites just like the first one. By posting their link here, you’re generating traffic to their site which I suspect is their main objective.




    ..and http://stolen.wordpress.com/2008/10/31/hugenaturalboobsnet/

    Please don’t ignore them. You own the copyright on any original material you write or create. Send a DMCA notice to the hosting company – if they receive more than a few they will consider shutting down the site.



    I read the FAQ on stolen posts, but the blog that stole one of my posts doesn’t have adds. I checked, and it didn’t sound like the type of blog in the FAQ except for that it has a lot of other people’s posts. It’s a wordpress.org blog, and I tried to find somewhere to report it, but there wasn’t an email link or anything. Should I report it to wordpress.org?



    lizii, if the site is self-hosted with wordpress.org software and appears to be a genuine blog then you should try contacting the blog owner first. If you can’t contact them or they won’t respond then you need to track down the hosting company that runs their server. http://whois.sc/ is a good start.

    If the blog is listed on stolen.wordpress.com then it almost certainly is not genuine and you should follow the instructions there.



    It isn’t listed on stolen.wordpress.com, and I was looking around on the blog but I wasn’t able to find how to contact the owner. The blog basically steals the first section of many people’s posts, and has a link at the bottom that says “read the rest of this post here,” but it does look like a genuine blog.



    Stolen???? But they linked to your site, didn’t they? If they didn’t, then it would have been wrong. When they have linked with your blog, it’s called compliment.

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