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What can be done with the upgrade? Can I see some examples?

  1. I just opened my WordPress and I am considering upgrading because the templates don't really "do" anything for me. Could I see some examples of custom ones by posting your link if you have one.


  2. I use Misty Look. You can click on my user name to see the changes I've made. It's fun! (and everything I did was quite simple. I'm no whiz.)

  3. There are other examples here as well and more can be found in the css customization forum too

  4. Example Sandbox stylesheets: and (demos).

    They're not exactly copy-and-paste because is using an older version of the template, but they should give you an idea of what can be done.

  5. sorry, duplicate info (doh)

  6. To clarify: you can do things like that if you know how. If you don't know CSS, don't buy the upgrade. It takes awhile to learn and you cannot simply copy templates from elsewhere and drop them into Sandbox cold. You need to write CSS to make it work.

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