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What can be made about copycats?

  1. This is my blog

    This is another blog that is cpying every blogpost, the faq, pics, the original theme.

    What can I do about it?

  2. Use the Report as Spam in your admin bar.

    But please be very specific about what has been copied and from where. I need really good details to check into it.

  3. Ok

  4. Not worth it. He placed the pics he downloaded on a server outside wordpress, placed a link to my blog in his blogroll and tweaked the blogposts a bit. He's using a FAQ from other place without credit, and the images from the header and the newspost were adaptations I made, but they aren't mine, they are from Bethsoft.

    Shame he doesn't credit anyone, but oh well, not going to be bothered.

    Thanks for the reply and the excellent service.

  5. PLEASE do report this kind of activity. These people are filling the blogoshere with stolen content. Not only does it prevent the authors of original work from getting credit for it, but it also dilutes the author's Google page rank.

    It's always worth it to report content theft. We're lucky here on because they CARE and they'll do something about it. Google and Blogspot aren't nearly as caring or as helpful.

  6. briosafreak, you don't understand: since his blog is hosted at WordPress, they can just delete it. They WANT to do that. But you have to give them the specific report. You don't want to leave him there to steal from other people every day of the future, do you? Just report him. This is the easiest-resolved kind of blogscraping, because has zero tolerance for that.

    "He placed a link in his blogroll" is very nice. Like, he raped your dog but he sent flowers. Take him down. You can do it.

  7. haha i love that analogy rain.

    But yeah briosafreak, dont just stand there REPORT him! hehe if you don't do it, no one else will do it for you!


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