What can / can’t i do with css and wordpress?

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    I’m working on the graphic design of my site and want to make sure what i design is doable in wordpress/css. Can you steer me in the right direction by giving YES/NO answers and perhaps point me in the right direction on the following (ex. YES, css align or YES, done in PHP):

    -Can I put a custom graphic of a border around this page (4 corner graphics, 4 sided border graphics)?

    -Can I customize the header, body, and footer graphics for each “section”?

    -Is each ‘section’ defined as a meta tag or somewhere else? (only exception to YES/NO answer)

    -Can i make rollover images appear at the left side of my textlink?

    -So I have a header, the body, and a footer. Can I have repeating patterned image in the background of the body?

    -I want to get a vertical pillar like graphic to overlap the background image of the body. Can I do that?

    -If so, can I get the vertical pillar to have a “top” image, a repeating center image, and a “bottom” image that starts at the bottom of the header and ends at the top of the footer?

    -Is Dreamweaver effective in designing a template for wordpress? (if not any brief recommendations)



    I know just enough about CSS and script and such to get myself in trouble, but in case you are not familiar with the different wordpress’ I suggest taking a look at this FAQ which explains the difference between wordpress.COM (the free hosting service) and WordPress.ORG, the stand-alone software used on self-hosted blogs.


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