What can cause the text to not be visible in the 'Edit Post' screen?

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    Hi, yesterday I attempted to edit a post on my blog (gentlemamamoon.wordpress.com) that was scheduled to publish for this morning. When I entered the ‘edit post’ screen none of my post was visible and the word-count displayed zero!
    However the post still appeared in ‘preview’ and when I highlighted where the text should be, I can then see it in HTML form (though in the ‘visual’ view) , oddly though I cannot access i in the HTML view! I hoped the problem was temporary so decided to check again this morning but it is still the same and I have discovered that this is the case with all my previous posts also and even if I attempt to write a new post, it is not possible as the issue is the same. Please help as I need to add some shortcode to my post which now live ASAP as it is included in a blogging carnival which is live today!
    Blog url: http://gentlemamamoon.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is gentlemamamoon.wordpress.com.



    I’m having the same sort of issue with trying to create a new post. Interested to hear how I can fix this.


    Same problem here. Please help us fix it.



    I’m having the same issue too, and the toolbar has vanished. Help!


    Yes, forgot to say.. my toolbar is also missing!


    Must be a wordpress with Firefox thing. I’ve been having the same problem since early today, but when I used IE it worked fine.


    Nope, not working in IE8 or Chrome for me.

    Also the this post.

    Very irritating issue. Nobody can update his/her blog?



    same problem in chrome for me


    Same here with both FF and IE.

    I can write a new post title but if I try to write the actual post, I see nothing but it’s actually writing in white on white!


    Me too. Hope to see a solution soon.


    Woohoo! Thank goodness I’ve just discovered that mine is working in Explorer, though it isn’t in Firefox. At least I was able to fix my post before the ‘blogging carnival’ really got going!
    Guess that will have to be my solution for a while until WordPress gets this glitch sorted out. I hope it works for some of you too.
    Still looking forward to hearing how this all gets sorted though!


    I don’t have ad blockers in IE, so that might be it. Other people are saying that it works if you disable adblock plus.


    yeah it also works for me in IE, but it shows a blank with word count zero before it comes live! and i also realized that my title picture does nor displays when i open my blog in IE. a blank box with a red cross on the left upper margin comes, and please why is that..


    Working for me now in FF with Adblock+ switched off.

    So did WP break something, did Firefox, or did Adblock+? :)


    {continued from previous}…and also entire title picture of my blog does not get displayed in firefox! this time not even the blank box!


    @nimhanspsyalumni So it does not work in IE ;-) :-(



    I’m having the same issue. Works for me in Google Chrome with adblock but not on firefox with Adblock on 2 different computers & internet connections…so I”m guessing wordpress borked something. It was working fine on Sunday morning EST but ever since Monday the text shows up white and you can see the HTML if you highlight it but can’t do anything else.



    It works now for me! Thanks to @macmanx. He suggested to enable HTTPS to see if that makes a difference: http://en.support.wordpress.com/https/

    Also see this post: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/why-cant-i-see-the-visual-editor

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