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what can I do about a .edu domain?

  1. I work for an educational institution that wishes to get the Business Bundle and move our site to servers, but we must have a .edu domain. What can be done?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think that WordPress.COM can register .EDU domains - so you would need to register the domain name with another Registrar then map it to your site here - you would loose the $ 6.00 a year domain registration - BUT if you knew someone that wanted to register a .COM name you should be able to do that and set the .COM domain name to their site -

    I will flag this for the staff for the definitive answer for you

  3. Hi there,

    Registration of .edu domains is regulated by the US Department of Commerce. You can still use a .edu domain with your site, but you will need to register it separately.

    After you register your .edu domain you will be able to map it to your site. This mapping would be included as part of the Business Bundle.

    Please let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.


  4. excellent, thanks very much!

  5. @catrymer
    The support documentation needs to be updated to include premium upgrades wordpress businesss information.

    There's zero under: and under that applies to that upgrade.

    There's zero under that applies to that upgrade.

  6. @timethief: Thanks for pointing out the missing information. The business bundle is new, but we expect it to be announced and added to all our documentation soon.

  7. @catrymer
    Thanks for the response. It's frustrating when bloggers arrive here in the support forums asking questions that we Volunteers cannot provide the answers to. It creates confusion and annoyance for those who post as well as being a time waster for both those who post and the Volunteers who respond to their threads. Perhaps the better and more business-like approach would be for announcements and support documentation to be in place prior to any "advertising" taking place.

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